Women's hysteria or a desire to be heard?

In everyday life, it is so easy to offend another person. With regard to women, you can often hear such phrases: "What is she hysterical? .. This is hysterical! .. You can not hysteria?". What is hysterics? If you look at what word the concept comes from and what purposes it began to use, you can understand why it is offensive. It is about "rabies of the uterus", when excessive fantasy, unstable mood, impulsive actions, etc., are noted.

Men seem to be right about the fact that women show signs of hysteria. But how true is this approach to a healthy representative? It is easy to offend the act of another person, shifting to him all responsibility for the way he behaves. A woman would not hurt to react differently. But it would be nice for a man to look at the essence of this behavior, and not to hang insulting labels.

While you call a woman hysterical, do not solve the problem, but only aggravate it. You in the literal sense of the word insult, letting you know that you are not interested in why the partner "hysteria", and does not communicate with you quietly.

Choose: the woman is hysterical or just wants to be heard? After all, the reason for female hysteria is that a man does not want to hear it. For many generations, women have been condescending to put it mildly. In the eyes of many men, the weaker sex is still an object that can not even be called a person. A woman is a woman, but not a person. This is the first stage of how men make of all ladies hysterical!

We must be able to hear each other. This is the key to a good relationship

Many women, while still young, faced such an attitude in their family. They were not heard, did not want to understand, they took their words for children's babble. Put yourself in the place of a little girl who wants to express her thoughts or defend her point of view, but no one hears. Then you would not want to shout louder?

Becoming an adult, a woman continues to face men who treat her as an object that must perform some functions. She should not have a voice, her opinion, her personal desires - only then she will not be hysterical. When a man does not want to hear what a woman says to him, then she looks for other ways to finally be heard. One such way is hysterics. Shout, noise, disturbance of serenity - such spectacles attract attention that a man did not want to give when he was calmly and kindly communicated.

In either problem, both are to blame:
  1. A man does not hear a woman when she talks to him calmly and good-naturedly.
  2. The woman decides to bring her idea to the man through shouting, tears, and eccentricity.
Until a man hears, the woman will be hysterical. But we are talking about quite healthy people. The choice remains for a strong gender: do you want to continue to face a hysterical desire to be heard or learn to listen (do not listen, and at least hear what they say to you) when they approach you kindly with this or that proposal?
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