How to stay slim in a journey

All of us are looking forward to another vacation, to relax on the sea, sunbathe under the hot sun, enjoy the rest. But, if work and household chores, regular sports help to stay slim and beautiful, then on vacation we often relax. And as a consequence - extra kilograms, which are then difficult to remove. If you do not want to lose shape during the next vacation, listen to our advice.

Food on board is harmful

One famous American chef claims that people aboard the plane because they are bored. And someone just seizes their fear. Remember this if you want to order another batch. If you watch your diet, do not forget to count calories on board the aircraft. To resist the temptation, think over your leisure time. Look at a good movie, sleep, read through the magazines, read the next book. So you will spend time with benefit and do not hurt your figure. Why should you refuse to eat in an airplane:
  1. It will not bring any benefit to the body. She was put in plastic utensils, frozen, then re-heated. After such treatment, many useful substances are destroyed.
  2. The food offered on board the aircraft contains more sugar and salt (by 13%). This is due to the fact that they prepare it in a special way. Scientists from the American Psychological Association conducted a study and were able to prove that on board the aircraft passengers perceive food in a different way. They believe that this is due to the difference in pressure and low air humidity. Because of this, the sensitivity of the taste buds is reduced by 15%, but the sense of smell increases. Therefore, it is on the plane that you want tea with lemon or tomato juice. This is taken into account when compiling the menu. In the dishes are put hot sauces, marinades, flavorings, so this dinner is not very useful, although tasty.
  3. The most harmful desserts. The cream for them is prepared from reconstituted dry vegetable cream, because of what such cakes can be stored for a long time (for 72 hours longer), then the most useful are desserts made of whole cow's milk.
What is the best way to proceed? If you feel hungry, ask for a glass of water. She will quench the feeling of hunger a little. And you can eat a useful and light lunch or dinner in any good restaurant when you arrive at the place of rest.

A good snack before the trip

If you need to eat right, but you do not want to eat in a plane, you can have a snack before the trip, so as not to suffer from hunger. Experienced travelers who have traveled more than a hundred times through this advise to organize their meals correctly:
  1. In the morning for breakfast, eat a plate of oatmeal or buckwheat porridge with toast. Drink this all with green tea or a cup of black coffee.
  2. If your plane leaves in the afternoon, the most useful food is soup and salad.
  3. Before night departure you can eat a vegetable garnish with fish or salad with pasta. Before departure, do not eat a watermelon.
  4. You can take a small snack in the form of sandwiches, folding them into a special lunch box.

Proper nutrition in the resort

If you watch your figure and do not want to grow fat while you rest, try to stick to the diet. Completely refuse to eat food is not worth it, otherwise you will spoil your holiday. But it is in the resort towns that you can afford to enjoy low-calorie fruits, seafood, salads. In addition, vacation is not only a beach, but also an active holiday, which helps burn calories.

But there are also "pitfalls" here. Your digestive system is not accustomed to local food, acclimatization often lasts about 2 weeks. It is worth considering and not to give up traditional three meals a day with 2 snacks. Try not to lean on the local cuisine, specify what these dishes are made from, do not overeat fruits, because all this can affect your health.

With such a sensible approach, you not only will not gain extra pounds, but on the contrary, you can lose weight, become tanned, tanned and beautiful.
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