Nail art at home: how to decorate a manicure?

Neil-art is now experiencing a real boom. This is easily seen by looking at the materials and accessories for the marigold decor. Handling them in most cases does not require special skills. Therefore, every girl can create a unique manicure that fully meets her taste.

Decorative tapes for nails

Lovers of minimalism will surely like the narrow shiny ribbons. On the nail plate, they can become not only vertical or horizontal strips. Having manifested imagination and creativity, you can paste them in such a way that geometric figures are obtained. Any decorative tape for nails has an adhesive basis. Therefore, you just need to cut off the desired length and attach it to the nail. It is preferable to choose the shades of the ribbons in such a way that they contrast with the color of the varnish.


If you want to shine on the nails, it's worth using kamifubuki. These little shiny circles are very similar to confetti. Apply them with dots on pre-varnished nails. It is important to note that it is not necessary to place kamifubuki on the nail plate in a chaotic manner. If desired, you can use circles of different sizes, creating original patterns. Kamifubuki will become a win-win option, if you want to attract everyone's attention to manicure.

Rubbing for nails

Perfect mirror or holographic coating allows you to create not lacquers at all. In order to give an effective manicure, you will need to use a rub. It is a special powder. The jars in which it is sold are miniaturized. But do not rush to complain about a small amount, the powder is consumed very economically. Apply the rub to the lacquer that has not yet fully dried. This is most conveniently done by an applicator. The coating should be continuous, bald spots in the manicure with the use of rubbing inadmissible. To rub the powder is necessary until the appearance of a characteristic mirror shine. Surplus wiping can be brushed off. After that you will only have to cover your nails with top.

Velvet on nails

One of the most unusual effects available to every girl is the velvet coating on the nails. It is created with the help of a special flock. Manicure in this case not only looks original, tactile nails become soft, as if covered with real velvet or corduroy. To implement such a manicure is easy. Paint nails with varnish, cover them with a layer of flock. It needs to be neatly and evenly distributed with a brush. Also, with the help of a brush, excess flock is removed. Top manicure should not be covered, otherwise you will lose the characteristic fluffy effect.


Do you want to see flowers, patterns or characters from famous cartoons on your own nails? Now you can decorate manicure with the most unusual pattern and you do not need to have artistic abilities for this. Sliders for nails are thin stickers. They are separated from the base, if they are moistened with water. Pre-color your nails. The shade is better to choose such that the drawing of the sticker is not lost on its background. Having located a sticker on the nail plate properly, it should be fixed top with top cover. The choice of sliders is huge. It differs not only in the subjects, but also in what background they have (color or transparent).


Extremely expressive on the nails look small shiny balls. The decor with their participation looks quite original. Brooks are not enough to simply apply on the varnish, on top they must be fixed with top. The top coating will smooth the small irregularities of the balls and prolong the durability of the manicure. If you want to lay out a pattern on the nails with the use of brooches of different colors, you will need to be patient. The most convenient way to do this is to use dot. Small bouillons are considered universal, they can fill the entire nail entirely. Large bouillons are used singly and become accents of nail design.

Foil for nails

The original effect in manicure can be obtained by using a special foil. It is enough to cut it into small pieces, and then gently place on the nails. This is how the effect of broken glass is created. You can use in manicure foil and varnish as contrasting colors, and close in tone. Foil in any case will pour, which will give the impression that on your fingernails are fragments of colored glass.
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