How to choose a ripe watermelon

The second half of the summer is the most generous time of the year. Ripen berries, fruits, juicy watermelons appear on the shelves. The main thing is to learn how to choose them correctly.

The Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon almost entirely consists of water (91%). It helps to cope with dehydration on a hot summer day, so do not give up this delicious dessert. Watermelons are very useful and also non-caloric (in 100 g 46 kcal), so they can enjoy and the girls who are watching their figure. The Benefits of Watermelon:
  • in its composition there are polysaccharides, which have a high antioxidant activity, i.e., they contribute to the preservation of health and youth;
  • carotenoids, in particular, lycopene - a powerful antioxidant, it reduces the risk of stroke by 19% and helps prevent cancer;
  • vitamins: B6, C, A, which strengthen the immune system;
  • Potassium and magnesium, necessary for the heart and blood vessels;
  • in watermelon there is an amino acid L-citrulline, it helps with muscle pain. Studies were conducted that proved that freshly squeezed juice reduces pain after 24 hours. The results were compared with those who took a placebo;
  • in the watermelon there is arginine and citrulline, because of which the pressure decreases and the risk of heart disease is reduced;
  • Watermelon helps to fight with constipation;
  • It is necessary for kidney diseases;
  • useful for men's health;
  • need women after 50, since it prevents the risk of ovarian cancer;
  • helps restore its freshness of skin, prolongs youth.
As we see, the benefits of watermelon are huge, so do not give up on it, especially in the season when it is the most sweet and healthy.

How to choose the ripe watermelon

Going to the market or to the store for a watermelon, I want to choose the most ripe and delicious. Sellers in the market at your request can cut a watermelon and give it a try or offer to buy a half, a quarter of this sweet berry. Such watermelons are better not to take, because they accumulate harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Therefore, it is better to bring home a whole watermelon. How to choose the sweetest, we will tell you:
  1. Light watermelon with a dry tail - ripe, it should not be taken.
  2. On his side, he must have a spot, which he "lain". This spot should be yellow, if it is pale yellow or greenish, then the watermelon is harvested unripe, so it will be tasteless.
  3. Study the crust of watermelon. It must be firm and shiny, it's hard to pierce it with a fingernail. When the berry ripens, it can not absorb moisture, so the crust becomes firm.
  4. Knock on the watermelon. If it is ripe, it will spring up under impact and a clear and sonorous sound will be heard.

Harmful watermelon

Only watermelon is useful, in which there are no nitrates and other harmful substances. Many "experts" advise buying a medium-sized watermelon, because they are sure that it can grow large only because of nitrates. But this is a myth. There are many varieties of watermelons, which should grow to large sizes. Learn from the appearance that in a watermelon a lot of nitrates, it will not work. So do not buy them in dubious places. It's better to borrow from trusted vendors who have a license. At home, you can determine whether you sold a quality watermelon or a berry with nitrates. There are several signs:
  1. Cut the watermelon and look at its veins. If they are white, everything is fine. Yellow fibers and veins may indicate the presence of nitrates.
  2. Examine the slice. If it is too smooth, there are no sugary tubercles on it, then this is also a sign of the presence of nitrates.
  3. Take a little pulp of watermelon and put it in clean water. If the water turns pink, then this berry is harmful, it has a lot of chemistry.
Watermelon is not just a juicy and tasty dessert, but also a very useful berry. If you follow our recommendations, you can choose the most delicious, juicy and useful watermelon, which will help cool in the summer heat.
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