Places where wishes come true

Travel can be not only informative and entertaining, but also very useful. If you correctly identify with the direction and set the goal - there is an option in the bark to change their lives, because in almost every corner of our globe there are magical and mysterious places that will help in the performance of any, even the most cherished wishes.

London: "0" meridian

London is not just a city of 1000 opportunities and a legislator of style and fashion, but also the very center of our vast planet earth. It is from here, from Greenwich time, all geographical latitudes begin, and also - this is the place where desires come true.

There is incredibly powerful energy, in order to make a wish, you need to stand on the line, so that one leg goes to the West and the second to the East, close your eyes and make up what you dream. They say it's coming true.

London zero in London

Charles Bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge - the first landmark of the city. To make a wish here it is necessary to go to the monument of St. John, put the left palm on the bas-relief and come up with a selfish desire, then stroke the dog in a bas-relief.

Prague Charles Bridge

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Trevi Fountain attracts tourists by fulfilling wishes. Here everything is simple: make a wish and throw a coin into the fountain. As far as information is reliable, it is not known, but city employees who clean the fountain every evening and get at least 1000 euro each, the wishes come true exactly)))

The Roman Trevi Fountain

Statue of Juliet in Italy (Verona)

Verona is the best place to spend a honeymoon, it was in this city that the Capella family lived (they are also the Capulet). And to our times there is a house with a balcony, and in the courtyard stands a monument to Juliet. Here it is accepted to ask for loving questions. Touching Juliet, voicing the thought and desire will certainly come true.

Monument of Juliet in Italy

7 sources of Rhodes (Greece)

It is located near the city of Lindos, the source is called in English Epta Piges. Out of the ground go up 7 keys, and merge into one large, which goes into a dark tunnel. Here to come true, you need to go through the tunnel (water on the ankle), but the water is very cold. The tunnel is small, and walking along it you will go out to a beautiful picturesque lake with beautiful peacocks. Went through the tunnel scrolling in the head of desire - will necessarily come true.

Rhodes: seven sources

Bridge of kisses in St. Petersburg

They say that if a couple in love kiss on the bridge, love will only grow stronger with the years. And if there is a duty of separation - kiss and time will fly by unnoticed.

The Bridge of Kisses in St. Petersburg

The Wall of Love in Paris

The wall of love is a truly magical place, it is all covered with confessions of love. Write on the wall "I love you", put your hands on and you will surely come true love.

The Paris Wall of Love

Zodiacal area in Tel Aviv

In the area of ​​Jaffa there is a horoscope path where you can make wishes, here the signs of the zodiac are called streets. To do this, you need to find your zodiac sign, and touch the tablet with your palm.

Innsbruck: Leopold Fountain

Here, in order to fulfill your wish, you need to hold on to the heel of Poseidon, but the statue is in the middle of the fountain, and it's important not to slip.

Fountain where to make a wish

Ireland: Blarney Castle

In the walls of the castle, a piece of the sacred ancient relic has been walled in - the coronation stone, according to legend, who touches the lips to the stone, will become the owner of the gift of eloquence.

Blarney - desire castle

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