The most unusual pets and their price

Studies have shown that pets save from depression, prevent asthma and allergies, and generally have a positive effect on the aura of the family. Children who grow with animals are more open, emotional, have many friends and correct self-esteem.

A pedigree cat or a watchdog has long been surprising, but if you want exotic - then go ahead! Make a choice!

Important! Before buying, you need to consult a veterinarian. doctor: how to walk, what to feed, how to keep it right. And if you can give the animal the right conditions, then the animals are waiting for your embrace.


At home, lama keep for a long time, more than 2000 years. The pioneers in this case were the Peruvian Indians.

Homemade llamas from the wild differ with softer and sparse wool. But remember, a lama is a blood relative of a camel, and it is not recommended to quarrel with her.

Pleasure is quite expensive, and the price range starts at $ 3000.

Lama is like a pet


Domestic goats - so they are practically in every yard. But today many goats are not breeding because of milk and wool, but as a friend and pet, and for these purposes there are announcements about the sale of special, domesticated goats.

Here of course in the apartment such a miracle is impossible to keep, because you need frequent walking, but if you have your yard, then such a goat will be an excellent friend. Lapu certainly will not be given, but always listen.

The price of a domesticated goat starts from $ 250.

Goat is an excellent friend who will listen to


Ponies can be seen in the circus, the zoo, and even strolling around the city. In most cases, these animals are purchased for the purpose of further income, for photo sessions, children's walks, etc.

But in principle this is not surprising and quite justified, because the price is also not small - from $ 2500.

Pony - will help to earn


In fact, to start a crocodile as a pet is a bad idea. There are certainly pluses: the house of someone else does not exactly go, but the cons are still in priority.

Predator he will always remain a predator. Want a crocodile? Watch the movie "Crocodile-killer" and the desire immediately disappears. Not convincing? Then attention to the price - from 50 000 p. All the same is not convincing? well, go ahead, but the consequences can be very sad.

Crocodile in the house - not the most successful undertaking


If you want something small, unusual and extremely unattractive, and the cockroaches are already bored, there is an option - a shportsevaya smooth frog.

In everyday life they are unpretentious, but they need to be kept in an aquarium. The price of such "happiness" - from $ 100. Toad suffocating? Do not despair, there are a lot of frogs in the pond.

Frog in the role of a pet


Kangaroo as a pet pet is rare, because they are large enough. To organize the purchase and delivery of such an animal in our country - you need to really fanatical from the marsupials.

The animals are unpretentious and in the care not difficult, but they need a lot of space indoors and a large lawn.

Kengurenish costs from 3000 $.

Kangaroo requires a lot of space


This is a large guinea pig, and besides the size, in fact, there are no usual differences. But you need to consider that it needs to feed much more and more often. Lead about 40 kilos, and at the withers about 60 centimeters.

In essence, this animal is wild, and if you start it yourself, you need a very large container of water. At a cost of $ 600.

Capybara - requires a lot of water

Mongolian gerbil

For the child - a great option. The period of life is 3-5 years. They spin in the wheel and are open for contact with a person. It is a mixture of mouse and hamster.

In the pet store can be purchased for only $ 15.

Mongolian gerbil - hamster and mouse in one

Fenech - a desert fox

The animal is nightly, open, affable and insanely curious, they will learn to execute commands and come when their name is called. To get out hunting for any insects and digging everything that you get will not work out, so be ready.

In fact, if properly educated, the phenome will be like a cat. The only thing that confuses - the price of $ 1000.

Fenok - a desert fox

Sugar marsupial fly

Pet is sociable, sweet tooth. The cell needs them spacious, with a lot of branches. Feed in priority by grasshoppers.

The average price of such a lump is $ 150.

This animal is a sweet tooth

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