Love yourself for who you are

In the struggle for the attention of the opposite sex, we often, and not always consciously, declare a cold war on ourselves and our bodies: extra pounds, depilation, plastic surgery on the body, etc.

But, dear ladies, is not there too much action and aggression against yourself?

Beauty is certainly a matter, and it is possible to win the attention of a man, but to keep these weapons does not always help. Far from all representatives of the opposite sex appearance in priority. As one famous scientist put it: "Beauty is dispersed quanta on the retina of the eye." When we get used to seeing the same "picture", the emphasis in relationships is placed on completely different traits of character and quality. And first of all, this is a positive attitude towards the world around us and self-confidence.

How to love and accept?

Accepting oneself as they are, with all the shortcomings and nuances, is first of all wisdom, patience and courage. But you can start with crumbs - do not like "what looks at you in the mirror," work with your reflection alone. Sit down, relax, look at yourself, and just smile from the heart and send an air kiss. Let the woman in the mirror give a few compliments, but it is important that they are sincere and not false. Even if the "whole picture" does not bring pleasure, find your special flavor and just praise it. For example: beautiful eyes, attractive profile, the form is magnificent - but figured.
Such sessions should be held several times a day, and necessarily complete the "procedure" by recognizing yourself in love.
Negative attitudes from the subconscious must be excluded. No: "I'm ugly, fat, my hair is rare." All replace: "I'm very attractive, my magnificent body attracts the opposite sex, my hair looks good curls."

You can not repeat "Well to whom I need such a terrible need," because most people appreciate not the appearance, but the inner world and the qualities of man.
Literally in a couple of weeks, you yourself will notice that you love and overestimate yourself, but most importantly, you will be treated differently by colleagues and acquaintances, and with full sincerity will send compliments.

How to love yourself and your appearance

Ideal - off the pedestal!

Think about it, and where did you get that "not that"? Maybe this is an imposed opinion from the outside? Glossy magazines, fashion talk shows, clips with girls of model appearance. Everywhere beautiful beauty. . . but this is not real women, it's just her model. The show industry produces fashionable images from the assembly line, just as the printing house produces beautiful and bright wrappers of sweets.

But, they are so irresistibly made specially, dozens of professionals work on the exterior, and all the photos taken are subject to computer processing. In reality, most unvarnished are unremarkable and ordinary ladies with a lot of flaws.

Without make-up - off complexes!

Complexes: find and neutralize

When it comes to understanding that failure in your personal life is not at all because of appearance, you need to face the truth and what is happening. No self-esteem? Are you afraid to lose? Stable syndrome of an excellent pupil? Feeling of hidden superiority?

Your teacher is the best - your faults.

If you admit that "cockroaches" have a place to be, then they can be overcome. Support in this situation will help the spouse, girlfriend or a competent psychologist. The main thing - to decide on this step, and say goodbye to your hidden fears and complexes. Then the long-awaited harmony with oneself and the world will come.

Change Diary

Let the record of "victories" in an electronic notepad or just a diary become a habit. Recorded for fitness - recorded, praise. We went to the beauty salon - excellent. "We changed our hairstyle - plus 1 to karma." We changed the old wardrobe-score 5.

Keep it up!

And over time, you will begin to notice that a lot of bright changes have begun in life, life is full, and there simply is not time for complexes. New good habits are formed quickly, and inner beauty is completely reflected in appearance.

Believe in yourself, and you will necessarily succeed!

The most important thing is belief in yourself

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