Domestic quarrels within the office

The peaceful life of the whole office can be shattered if employees do not learn courtesy, tolerance and responsiveness.

Probably every one of us watched, and knows what the "Desert Storm operation" is, and so, it will be pure fun if compared to the quarrels that occur in offices and offices because of a taken pen without permission or a dirty cup left. In order not to fall under the crossfire, the conflict must be extinguished at the root, and the best option is to prevent a scandal.

And the unwashed chimney sweeps and shame

In a small, stuffy office, especially in warm weather, the personal hygiene of employees can be a big problem. Perhaps in the office there are people who do not consider it mandatory to take a shower every day and change clean shirts, or socks - a real lethal weapon for a gas attack. Or maybe on the contrary, he pours on himself so much cosmetics and perfume that all living within 5 meters is just choking.

How to fight

Most likely, a person does this not with an evil reason, just each of us is so adapted to his scent that we simply do not hear it. If the "fragrant" colleague does not go into contact, try to wrap everything in jest. "Alexey Ivanovich, you smell so much that it turns out that I work not in the office of programmers but at the perfume plant." Or take a colleague aside, and very gently talk to him in the open, the main thing "without outsiders". In the end, try to refer to allergies.
Important! Do not forget to throw a couple of curtsy to the employee "Alexey Ivanovich, it is extremely inconvenient for me to raise this issue, but ..."

Unkempt employee in the office

Do you hear the cold blowing of the wind

Sometimes in the summer asphalt from the sun is already hot, but open the window or window is forbidden, you see it's blowing. . . And the air conditioner can not be turned on much stronger, since the workplace of the department head is located under it, and if the fan is turned on, then all the payments will leave the accountant's desk.

How to fight

Here you can not do without compromise, you need to try to make a rearrangement in the cabinet in such a way that the air conditioner does not become a burden to anyone. And the employee, who has a working table in a draft, needs a light cloak.
Agree, it would be unfair if, because of a single heat-loving employee, the entire department would be exhausted from the heat.

Cool in the office - a pledge of productive work

To tea please?

It's a shame, fell free 10 minutes, you go to the kitchen to drink tea, and there all the cups are dirty. No, of course you can wash the cup, there are 2 minutes of work, but it turns out that you should wash a dirty cup after a lazy colleague, why is that so?

How to fight

The best way out is to keep your cup in the desktop drawer. And if the team has good relations, organize a comic meeting on the topic of unwashed cups, and agree among themselves: who was caught behind a dirty cup - all day will wash cups and other employees. Or come up with a fine, in money will go to the general fund for pirozhenki and yummy at the end of the month.

Tea drinking at work in the office

The voice is unrealistically loud

The timbre of your colleague's voice is like that of a passenger plane, and when he answers a phone call, it's not that it's impossible to concentrate, but thoughts are lost.

How to fight

If a person simply does not notice and does not notice his gibberish, you can joke again, "Anna Nikolayevna, you can hear you on the ground floor when you are talking on the phone, and I can find your office following your voice with your eyes closed."

If the employee simply does not care that he is not alone working in the office and in the team, then you need to fight his own methods: talk on the phone at the same time when he, significantly raising his voice.
When he is in your place, he may change his behavior.

How to talk on the phone at the office

Do not touch someone else's

It's unpleasant, when from the desktop constantly disappears paper, stapler, pencil or folder. But it is even more unpleasant when they are taken and not put in the right place. Or they eat up the delicious from your table, and they did not bring even a pechenjushka for themselves to share tea.

How to fight

Open indignation is not always appropriate, you can be called a greedy and mean feudal owner. It is better to get together and talk with the guys, designate the "chief at the checkout", throw off the whole team a little and buy candy with all the biscuits.

If it is a question of the office, and you do not intend to share them, so as not to tempt a colleague, hide such things on the table.

Work in the team at the office

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