Eyebrow shaping and correction: popular procedures 2018

Natural thick eyebrows - a fashion trend in 2018. Modern methods of correction allow women to abandon the daily makeup, scrape small scars and places of hair loss. We offer an overview of the popular ways of decorating eyebrows, their pros and cons.


This kind of permanent make-up came into fashion in the early 2000s. During the procedure, the master injects a pigment under the skin, while the depth of penetration of the needles under the skin is only 0.5 mm. It is important that the eyebrows look natural, so the cosmetologist should correctly choose their shade and shape. The specialist creates a sketch, taking into account the features of the face, skin tone and hair color of the woman.

Variation of the procedure:
  • Shooting. This option is often used to hide the unsuccessful permanent make-up. First, the master applies a contour, and then shades the paint.
  • Hairy. Its main advantage is its naturalness. The cosmetologist draws the hairs by a special apparatus.
  • Mixed. To achieve naturalness, the master uses different techniques for applying pigment.
The quality of the tattoo can not be evaluated immediately after the procedure, as the injured skin becomes inflamed and reddens. The rehabilitation period lasts up to 14 days. At this time, you can not use makeup, stay in the sun for a long time and visit the sauna. To speed up healing will help therapeutic creams and serums. A month after the procedure, you need to adjust the color and shape.

Qualitatively performed tattooing makes the appearance impressive and expressive. But practice shows that the risk of obtaining the opposite result is great. Common mistakes incompetent specialist are the wrong choice of the shape and color of the pigment. In addition, too deep insertion of the needle under the skin causes the appearance of scars and loss of natural hairs. Unsuccessful drawing can be removed only by laser.


Another kind of permanent make-up, which allows you to give the eyebrows the volume and shape. With it, you can hide skin defects, small scars and correct asymmetry.

The pattern is applied manually with a special device resembling a steel pencil. At the end of the device are the thinnest needles, which penetrate deep into the skin at 0, 2 mm. The master applies strokes that repeat the direction of growth of natural hairs, as well as their width and length.

Another advantage of microblasting is a short recovery period. Ultrathin needles practically do not injure the skin, therefore the result can be estimated in a few hours. In some cases, the skin becomes inflamed and swollen, so after the session the master suggests using a therapeutic gel.

Microblueing also requires adjustments. Repeat the procedure after 28 days, when the skin is fully healed. Young girls have a process of regenerating the dermis intensively. Therefore, they need to be prepared for the fact that the pattern will partially disappear, and the color of the pigment will change. If necessary, the cosmetologist will repeat the procedure or make the necessary adjustments.


This kind of modern permanent make-up frees the woman from the need to use decorative cosmetics every day. Eyebrows will look great in rainy weather, during sports training or relaxing on the seashore.

The pigment is applied in a dotted manner, and then it is shaded. In some cases, the beautician further draws the hairs with a darker pigment. Nanonapylenie is suitable for women with sparse hairs, and also it is used to correct unsuccessful tattooing.

Unlike previous types of permanent make-up, needles do not hurt hair bulbs and skin. Therefore, after the exposure, scarring and scarring remain. The paint does not fade and does not change color, as often happens after the tattoo procedure. Over time, the shade will just fade and disappear.

The technique of applying nanoscale does not involve drawing a contour. Thanks to this, the eyebrows look as if they were brought in a pencil. The recovery period lasts from 3 to 7 days. On average, the effect after registration is 1-2 years, but in some cases the color may disappear within a month.


The name of the procedure hints that the result of making eyebrows is similar to the effect of permanent make-up. But in this case the master does not use needles that injure the epidermis. The paint is applied with a brush to the skin and hairs. Pigment is made from natural henna, so it is safe for health. In some cases, the dye can cause an allergic reaction.

The beautician corrects the shape of the eyebrows, plucking excess hairs with tweezers or removing them with a thread. After that, the master selects the paint, taking into account the skin type and hair color.

Dyes come in:
  • Liquid. Emulsions are immediately ready for use.
  • Dry. The powder is diluted to the desired consistency with boiling water or cold water.
The cosmetologist applies the pigment with a brush to the cleansed and skimmed skin. The number of layers depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and hair. After a certain time, excess paint is removed. Cosmetic oil is considered to be the best means for eyebrow care after biotatuazh. It eliminates dry skin, moisturizes the roots of the hairs and maintains the brightness of the color.

The main drawback of the method is the fragility of the picture. Within a month the color becomes dull and washed away. But to correct the unsuccessful result, you do not need to resort to laser correction.

Home methods of eyebrow care

Thick natural eyebrows look impressive, do not require complex adjustments and help save large amounts on expensive procedures. Restoring and maintaining natural beauty will help simple advice.

  • Use a castor or burdock oil to strengthen the follicles. These products promote the growth of hairs and moisturize the skin.
  • Massage with a soft brush improves blood circulation. Movements should be directed to the growth of hair.
  • Regular use of scrubs helps to strengthen the process of skin regeneration. You can use ready-made cosmetics or home-made scrubs based on ground coffee or sugar.
Proper nutrition affects the condition of the skin and hair. Therefore, in the diet must necessarily be vitamins A, B and E.

Tell us in the comments about your experience of adjusting and decorating your eyebrows! What procedures were most effective and safe? How long did the effect last and whether you had to contact a cosmetologist to remove permanent make-up? Share photos of the best results!
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