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Raising a child is really difficult. We all make mistakes. But our children pay for them, because even simple and innocuous words seem to have a negative impact on their lives in the future, gain a foothold in the form of complexes. We will tell you about the most common "poisonous" phrases.

Get out

Such seemingly familiar words "get off", "do not bother", "go away". So sometimes you want to tell them to your child. So, mum prepares hot soup, and the child turns around. It is really dangerous, if he touches and overturns the pan, will have to lie in the hospital for months. Therefore, she cries "go away." You can count hundreds of such cases.

But the child does not understand why Mom says these unpleasant words for him. He considers himself unnecessary, outcast, and as a result, the world appears to him hostile, and he will constantly think that everyone wants to deceive him, to abandon him, to betray him. To build a family with such an outlook and be happy is difficult. It is better to constantly explain to the child why you do this, for example, to tell that a hot soup is dangerous, and your mother will later find time for it.

Do not brag

It's no secret that from any praise a person blossoms, he has an incentive to move forward, to achieve something. But we do not accept ourselves to praise ourselves, it is considered bragging. Such an attitude deprives him of self-confidence and strength. Therefore, the kid will be able to attract attention to himself by any means: either begging for approval or sucking up. As a result - dependence on someone else's opinion, anxiety, nervousness. If the child tried, for example, to make a really beautiful figure from plasticine, be sure to tell him about it. Praise him for any achievements, let him see them and also celebrate his successes.

I will fall ill and die

Children can not be hyper-tolerant, for that they are children, they will still be naughty and hooligan. If the mother constantly repeats that she is going to die because of you, the child will have a sense of guilt: "I'm bringing Mom to this." So you grow a neurasthenic. Never tell a baby that he is sick because of you, and do not frighten him with illnesses, because kids love their parents very much and never want to hurt them. Growing up a sense of guilt, you cripple the soul of a child.

You do not know how to do anything

Children are still young, they really do not know much and do not know how. If they are constantly criticized, pulled back, they will stop doing something. As a consequence, they will not learn to make decisions, show initiative. You will grow up a quiet, obedient child who, instead of solving problems, acting in a difficult situation, will hide his head in the sand. You need it? Absolutely all parents want happiness to their children, and with such a vital attitude it will be difficult for him to achieve something in life.

Do not touch!

Children are researchers, they are interested in thousands of things. Therefore they can not sit quietly in one place. And this is good, because by learning the world, the child develops. If we constantly forbid him something, then we will grow up an apathetic and timid man, who is not interested in anything else in life. How will he continue to build a career if he grows up downtrodden? Or there is another variant of the development of events: you will grow a rebel, which will be difficult to cope with.

You're dumb, you do not have brains

This is one of the most dangerous "poisonous" phrases. If you repeat every day to a person that he is stupid, he will become like that. Children really do not know much, but not because they are stupid, but because they are small. Some things are obvious to us, and the child does not yet understand how the world works, and he can and must do stupid things. Only those who do nothing are not mistaken.

All in the Father

Now not all children live in full families, often mothers raise and raise children after the divorce. They have no time for anything, since it is difficult to ensure a normal life. And, frustrated with children, often such mothers shout that the child is a copy of his father. The kid does not understand why he is scolded because he looks like his own person, especially if the father pays attention to the child, visits him and spends time with him. Even if the ex-husband is a scoundrel, the child should not know about this, since this is his father. Try to talk about him only good things, and otherwise the child will find it difficult to build his family. For example, how would a girl get married if she was taught from childhood that all men behave unworthy? Therefore, refuse and from this poisonous phrase.

Unfortunately, in life we ​​first say, and then we think. And ordinary words can injure the fragile soul of a small child and in the future to break his life. Remember about it, if suddenly there will be a desire to scold the kid or once again to forbid him something.
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