Stress and beauty. How do nervous breakdowns affect the skin and hair?

Without stress today, anywhere, because life often presents unplanned surprises. As a result, the whole organism suffers from nervous overexcitation. How experiences reflect on women's external beauty and what to do to preserve the health of hair and skin - read in this article.

Dry skin

From stress, the skin becomes dry and lifeless.

Often girls seize the experience of sweets and drink a liter of coffee. If you do not want to turn into a flabby old woman ahead of time, then refuse it. And to maintain health, drink non-carbonated purified water 2 liters per day and moisturize the skin with funds with hyaluronic acid.

Bags under the eyes

Nervous disorders are the right way to insomnia. Swollen eyelids in the morning indicate that at night you did not close your eyes. Before going to bed, give up the phones and drink calming tea with chamomile.

Reduce serum under the eyes with serum with caffeine. It is also useful to make contrasting compresses - apply alternately a cotton pad moistened in warm water, with a cold disc.

Acne and acne

Nervous breakdowns and malnutrition stimulate the action of the stress hormone cortisol. This negatively affects the entire female hormonal system and leads to skin inflammation. Even stress causes imbalance between intestinal bacteria, which leads to the appearance of acne on the body.

To less worry and get upset, drink phyto-tea. Drinks clean and neutralize the body from toxins and harmful bacteria. And to transform the skin, use vitaminized water and make body wraps.

Wrinkles and wrinkles on the face

When you often wrinkle your forehead with anger, you see ugly wrinkles on your face. They are also called mimic wrinkles. With such defects of the skin it is difficult to fight.

So what for own to ruin beauty! ? Better smile more often, no matter what. At first it will not be easy, but then you will get used.

We offer a fun way to unlearn unnecessary emotions. Stick adhesive tape on your forehead when you are at home. When you want to be nervous, the leaf will remind you that it is harmful. And the habit will eventually disappear by itself.

Gray hair and thinning hair

First of all, genetics is responsible for the appearance of gray hair. But stress plays a significant role here. After all, experiences reduce the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for the natural coloration of the hair. And this process is irreversible. Therefore, you have to paint curls to hide from the surrounding gray strands.

Anxiety and anxiety lead to a slowing of hair growth. Curls become weak, drop out and exude. Of course, this is influenced by other factors. To understand the problem, consult a trichologist.

Take care of your own health. Do not allow stress to command your life. Follow the wise saying: "If the situation does not suit you, change the attitude towards it! ".
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