What to take on vacation with a child?

Rest with your child always requires careful preparation. You need to think over everything you need to take with you and have time to collect it. The quality of the rest of the family depends on the good mood of the crumbs. Important in the collection of suitcases is the place where you go.

Where to go with the child on vacation?

Choose places for rest with an infant is the most difficult. Parents do not yet know how the baby will behave in other conditions and inexperienced in this matter. Therefore, if there is a good resort nearby, it is advisable to give preference to it. It might just be a test drive. So you can evaluate your strength and quality of vacation. The next trip can be carried out further.

Many parents go with babies and abroad. Today it does not present difficulties. The market of children's goods offers a lot of equipment, convenient for the aircraft and the train. For infants, special hammocks will be convenient. They are attached to the front seat in the plane or near the mother's place on the train. Today, many airlines offer their airplanes for flights with small children. With them, the little one travels with comfort and Mom is much easier.

Older children willingly travel on any mode of transport. Curiosity overcomes fatigue and the child is always ready for new discoveries. On the road you can take your favorite games and gadgets. This will allow parents to rest and spend time interestingly to the child.

You can go with a small child to any resort at the parents' discretion. However, one must always remember about security. It is not necessary to visit countries with military conflicts and acute situations. Going on vacation, make sure that they can provide the child with medical assistance if necessary.

What to take with you on the road?

On the road there is no need to type a large number of things. Do not take a huge pack of napkins or a large pack of diapers. This can all be safely purchased on the spot. If the main bag you put in your luggage, then think over hand luggage. It should contain everything that can be needed. In the list of things you can do with a child:
  • several diapers. Even if you do not swaddle crumbs, they will come in handy. They can be put on something and put the child or cover it during sleep.
  • diapers. They need only be taken with a small margin. For example, if at home three diapers change during this time, then four should be put on the road;
  • a children's drink or a bottle. And also a nipple and a few bibs;
  • two small towels for the baby. They can close a child while eating or wipe their hands;
  • A spare set of clothes for the child. You can take spare things for your mother. Since children often mess up not only themselves;
  • panama and scarf. Panamku should be dressed on the head, and take the kerchief in reserve. The kerchief does not take up much space in the luggage and can come in handy if the panama gets wet or lost;
  • Toys and gadgets. A fascinating cartoon will be useful on the road both as a baby and as an older child;
  • light windbreaker, in case of bad weather at the place of rest;
  • Sling or ergo-backpack. It will be necessary for children up to a year and will greatly facilitate the way for parents;
  • a cookie or other light snack;
  • Nose spray with salt water. In any transport, usually dries the mucous. This causes the child to be capricious. In addition, moisturizing will reduce the risk of contracting ARVI;
The road with the child is not always debilitating. It is better for parents to immediately adjust to a positive path. This will help to be less nervous and more relaxed to organize a trip.

List of things that are needed on vacation

For a small child it is better to take a large set of things. This will allow you to strain yourself with a wash. Baby things do not take up much space, and a few extra t-shirts will save mom from problems with washing. The optimal amount of things can be determined by 1 set (shirt / t-shirt, shorts / skirt) for a day.

On vacation it is better to take more swimming and ordinary panties. On the beach in windy weather can have to rent a swimsuit after bathing and change into dry.

Little children on vacation spend most of their time in one diaper or panties. This should also be taken into account.

In cool weather, you can take one trousers and a few pairs of socks. The jacket is better to take a few. One thin and with a long sleeve. And the other one is warmer.

In addition to clothing, the child will need:
  • Children's cosmetics. It's better to take her from home. On the site may not be a familiar company. In connection with climate change and travel stress, an allergy may begin;
  • Beach umbrella. To protect the baby's delicate skin from the sun. A child does not always want to sit next to his mother on the beach and more to mess around in the sand. Therefore, it is not superfluous to have a second umbrella for crumbs;
  • Sprays and lotions for safe tanning and after it;
  • Toys for sand and water. On the taste and discretion of the child;
  • Two terry towels for shower and beach;
For very young children, you can take a mini-pool on vacation. He will become a salvation if the crumb will be afraid to go into the sea or the water in it will be cool.

A separate place should be occupied by a children's first aid kit. It includes medicines:
  • antihistamine drops and ointments (Fenistil, Psilo-balm, Zodak). They will help to cope with insect bites or reaction to new food;
  • antipyretic drugs (Nuroorfen, Naise, Panadol). The temperature can rise from a long stay in the sun. In addition, these drugs have an analgesic effect;
  • anti-rabbit drugs (Bobotik, fennel, Espumezan, Heppi-Baby). Help to get rid of stomach problems;
  • sorbents. In case of poisoning and frustration (Smecta, Enterosgel, Atoxil);
  • Electrolytes from dehydration (Regidron, Humana-electrolyte);
  • Vasoconstrictive drops in the nose (Nazivin, Vibrocil, baby-spray baby). Help with sickness and pawning ears in the plane;
  • Ointments and gels that relieve pain during teething (Dentol, Calgel, Kamistad);
  • The medicine for the treatment of wounds and abrasions, as well as healing ointments (Pantestin et al);
  • Sprays that repel insects.
The organization of baby food depends on the place of rest. This question should be specified in advance and take with itself a usual mix or a food in jars for the first time.
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