Where to go to New Year's holidays 2018 g

The time of the most beloved holiday of Russians is approaching. The New Year is traditionally celebrated in the family circle, but it is not necessary to do it at home.

Finland for the New Year 2018

If you want to plunge into a fairy tale, then go to the Land of thousands of lakes. Christmas week will give you unforgettable impressions and plunge into the atmosphere of a cozy European holiday.

How to have fun in Finland:
  1. If you travel with children, be sure to visit the village of Santa Claus. Kids will get acquainted with the main winter wizard and his assistants, ride a reindeer team and visit an amusement park.
  2. Go to the snow village of Lainio and see the grandiose ice sculptures.
  3. Entertain yourself in the Moomin Valley: explore the three-storeyed house of the famous family, take a photo with the characters of Tove Jansson and take part in an exciting interactive adventure.
  4. Spend time at the ski resort.
Do not forget to bring souvenirs to friends and family.

New Year holidays in 2018 in the Czech Republic

In December, the time of transformation comes: houses are decorated with garlands, in the central squares a Christmas tree is set and Christmas hymns are heard from every window.

Where you can go to Prague on New Year's holidays:
  1. The main Christmas market opens in the heart of the city - on the Old Town Square. Here you can buy souvenirs and sweets, try traditional Czech dishes.
  2. Go on January 1 to the observation deck and enjoy the view of the festive salute.
  3. Arrange a photo session on the ancient streets of the city.
If you like active leisure, then visit one of the ski resorts.

Thailand for the New Year 2018

If you are tired of the snow-covered Russian streets and strong frost, buy a ticket to the sea resort. In December, Thailand ends the rainy season, and the air temperature ranges from 25 to 32 ° C.

What to do in the New Year holidays in Thailand:
  1. Lovers of beach holidays often go to the islands, where the hot weather reigns. Here you can dive, inspect the crocodiles of the farm and ride a boat.
  2. Allocate time for shopping: prices in this part of the world are much lower, and in December there are a lot of sales.
  3. The club capital of the country Pattaya attracts young people, ready to have fun until the morning in clubs and discos.
Thailand is literally created for a romantic getaway. But if you want, you can have fun here with your friends or children.

Do not forget that on the eve of the New Year, those wishing to go on vacation will be very much, and the prices for vouchers will soar. If you want to save a significant amount, contact the travel agency in advance.
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