The most interesting holidays and festivals in July

Every summer around the world there are many high-profile events. These are thematic performances, sports competitions, historical festivals and musical concerts. We offer a selection of the most interesting events in July.

July 6-14: racing with bulls in Spain

The colorful holiday of Saint-Fermin is held in the city of Pamplona for 8 centuries. But the peak of its popularity the festival survived after it was described by Ernest Hemingway in his book "And the sun rises".

At the festival, desperate fans gather who are ready to run along the streets with the bulls, despite the very real danger to health and life. Signal of the extreme race is the launch of firecrackers from the balcony of the city. Ensyerro lasts 3 minutes, but even the most desperate brave men do not risk running over 50 meters. Having overcome this distance, they simply turn to the side streets. Perhaps that's why most of the participants do not get serious injuries.

After the opening, a series of festive days comes. Spaniards organize marches, parades of giant dolls, carnivals. In the evenings, there is a corrida in the arena.

July 2-15: Wimbledon tournament in the UK

The Open Championship of Great Britain is a prestigious competition of the Grand Slam series. In the English suburb of Wimbledon, the strongest tennis players from all over the world gather. Matches are held on courts with a grass cover, which makes it difficult for the athletes to move. Therefore, before the finals reach the most enduring and strong participants.

At the Wimbledon competitions many traditions are observed. So, athletes are obliged to perform in snow-white uniform, and the winners receive prizes from the hands of a representative of the royal family. The main prize in the men's championship is a gilded silver cup, and in the women's cup a silver tray. In addition, the finalists become owners of an impressive prize money.

There is a museum in the tennis center, where you can learn the history of this sport and see unique exhibits.

July 5-8: Rock Werchter Music Festival in Belgium

Every summer a huge campground unfolds near the village of Verkhter, more than 50 thousand people are going to see the performances of cult groups.

This summer with concerts will perform Gorillaz, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Pearl Jam. European critics often called the Belgian open-air the best world festival. Rock Werchter was 4 times awarded the prestigious music award ILMC.

July 14: Bastille Day in France

The most famous prison in Paris was destroyed in 1789, and on the ruins of the insurgents installed a sign "Here they dance". On the eve of the holiday, music and singing are heard in the capital of France. Firefighters arrange famous balls: they arrange theatrical performances, invite stage stars and organize dances.

On a festive morning, Parisians and tourists go to the Champs-Elysees to see the grand military parade. The famous French sappers of the French Foreign Legion participate in the procession - bearded warriors in leather aprons with axes in their hands.

All day in Paris, there are festive events, and in the evening spectators are going to see fireworks on the Champ de Mars.

July 4: US Independence Day

Americans celebrate the national holiday on a grand scale. On this day across the country are colorful parades, theatrical processions and patriotic concerts. State employees receive a day off, so many citizens take part in the celebration or go on vacation to nature.

It is interesting that July 4 is also a family celebration. Relatives visit each other, organize picnics or gather at a festive table. Houses are decorated with flags, national anthems are heard everywhere.

Military bases celebrate this day with salutes, and baseball matches take place at the stadiums. Traditionally, the holiday ends with colorful fireworks. Multi-colored flashes soar over the squares and parks. Americans go out of their houses to see an amazing light show and perform patriotic songs.

July 22-25: historical festival "Siege of the Fortress" in Italy

Three days a year the Italian city of Gradara is immersed in the atmosphere of the XV century. Residents change into medieval costumes, stray musicians perform songs on the streets and squares, and actors arrange colorful performances and fiery shows.

The most striking event of the historic festival is the reconstruction of the battle between the two warring armies. Here spectators can see how the siege of a real medieval fortress took place.

Tell us in the comments what interesting activities you have visited this summer! Where do you want to go? Share impressions and photos!
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