Red-bellied turtles. Maintenance and care

In many pet stores sell red-bellied turtles. So, earlier in the USA on special turtle farms could grow more than 3 million individuals a year. We will tell you how to properly care for these pets, how to equip an aquarium for them and about other secrets of the contents of these reptiles. But before you go to the store, weigh all the pros and cons. You must be sure that you can take care of her. These turtles are very mobile and active. They quickly become attached to people.

How to choose a red-bellied turtle

Buy yourself a pet only in the store, where they will be kept in proper conditions. It is advisable to purchase them in the spring. In winter, turtles usually eat less, worse gain weight, because of what they may have disease. Look at the appearance of the turtle:
  • make sure that it does not have parasites;
  • on the head there are no growths that can prevent it from eating;
  • the shell is of regular shape and durable;
  • eyes not glued, without any excretions;
  • skin - without spots, mouth - white plaque;
  • around the mouth - everything is clean, without any cracks;
  • if the turtle is lethargic and apathetic, then it speaks of illness;
  • She should breathe without rales and different sounds.
It is not necessary to buy a pair of red-bellied turtles, they can live separately, without suffering from their loneliness. If you want to purchase several animals at once, then choose them the same size and age, otherwise the strong will offend the weak. After buying a turtle, put it in a box of cardboard and lay a layer of crumpled paper. In cold weather, you can not do without a hot water bottle.


They need to be taken care of, because many red-eared turtles die due to improper care. Keep the turtles in the terrarium (horizontal), but there it is worth placing a land plot. It is not necessary for her to buy a separate home. They can get along fine with lizards, uzhik, but in an aquarium with fish it is better not to keep them, because they are predators. The islet occupies about a third of the terrarium. On the slope it is necessary to place the notches along which it will rise upwards.

It should have a reservoir, the width can be calculated independently: at least 3 times the shell in width and 6 in length so that it could swim in it. The depth is too big for her to move easily. At the bottom, place the soil, which is first washed in water, and then doused with boiling water and burn in the oven. The soil layer is not very thick, from 3-10 cm. If it is not poured, the turtles may have diseases. Instead of the soil, you can use sand, but it's best to buy pebbles.

The aquarium is also suitable. But in it you can make an island, where it will go. It is better to build an islet from wood, plastic, plexiglas and polystyrene. It should be decorated with Javanese moss. So the moss will be fixed on the island and soon it will cover it all. The terrarium itself can also be decorated, but remember that from time to time you will have to buy new plants, because these turtles will soon be eaten. You can buy any algae, except for limnofilov, because they are poisonous.

The ideal water temperature for them is 25 ° C, but the temperature is also allowed from 18 to 28 ° C. Pour only the water that was left during the day. Have to wash the ground. To not change the water every day, buy a filter. To make turtle feel comfortable, they need a long light day, from 8 to 12 hours, regardless of the season. In the summer, it is better to take them out in the sun, because they need ultraviolet radiation.


To make the bugs feel good, they need to be fed properly.

What to feed

They need to buy insects in a pet store, they are also given meat, a liver, a chicken or a fish, which must first be held in damp water. Or buy a quality feed for red-bellied turtles. Feed only in water. Remains of food should be removed, so they do not rot and do not spoil the water. To form the skeleton and carapace it is necessary to use bone meal, calcium gluconate, eggshells. It is useful to give them sometimes 1-2 drops of vitamin D.

How to feed

It's better to give food to red-bellied turtles in the afternoon, since they are not so active at this time. It is necessary to put just as many forages as they will eat in the next 15 minutes. Feed young individuals once, and from 2 years a little less often, every two or three days. They should not starve, although they can for a long time dispense with food, from several days to several weeks. To understand that the turtle wants to eat is not that difficult. She begins to inspect the bottom of the aquarium. If the turtle refuses to eat, it either gets sick, or it is accustomed to other food. Ask at the pet store what she ate before.


What exactly should you do:
  1. To bathe in a warm water with 1 ch. L. soda for 1 liter of water.
  2. Remove algae adhering to the shell. You need to do this carefully.
  3. In winter, it is advisable to irradiate it with a quartz lamp on land, gradually increasing the time from 30 sec. up to 5 minutes, every day. The lamp should be at a distance of 1 m. Take breaks for 10 days. In the summer you can just take them out to the sun.
If you follow all our recommendations, your pet will be able to live with you for a long time. They, like other animals, are attached to their master and can become a good friend to you.
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