What do you need to do before traveling?

The place is selected, tickets and hotels are booked. . . It seems that everything is already ready. But there are several things that are equally important. If you consider them, the trip will be fabulous!

What to take care of?

Insurance. Just about it you can and do not remember, but it is needed both for visa registration and for complacency: if something goes wrong a little, you are completely safe! Insurance will cover all unexpected expenses.

Documentation. Passport, visa, documents for children. . . All this is extremely important. You can even make a list of necessary papers, so as not to miss anything.

The unfinished business. If there are things that need to be completed long ago, but you postpone, the time before the trip is a chance to do it! You can go to the dentist, visit your relatives, pay for utilities, update your manicure or your hair. . . To meet a holiday fully armed and not think about unnecessary!

Vaccinations. If you like exotics and decided to go to an unusual country, you should prepare carefully. Find out what vaccinations are required to ensure that after a rest you have only positive impressions!

Useful applications. In the era of smartphones, the world has become much simpler and it's a sin not to use it. At your service cards, audio guides, phrase books - select those mobile applications for travel, which will appeal to the soul - and forward, in search of adventure! By the way, it will be a good idea to learn a few phrases in the language of the country you are flying to - local people will be extremely pleased and the attitude towards you will be better!

Mobile connection. It should be taken care of in advance. Connect international roaming, throw money into the account - and you will enjoy communication with loved ones wherever you are! You can also buy a tourist SIM card or a local one already upon arrival - if you know for sure that in this country it is quite easy to do.

What should I bring with me?

List of things Favorite swimsuit, beach umbrella, hat. . . I want to take so much! In order not to succumb to the impulse to carry your entire wardrobe, write a list of the most necessary and follow the instructions for them. Then you will thank yourself for it!

Money. Before the trip, you should buy the currency if you plan to use cash or warn your bank's employees where you are going, so that the card is not blocked due to overseas transactions. A small trick: your bank card can be attached to a currency account and the commission will decrease.

Medicines. Simple medications in a suitcase - and you are ready for any surprises! If your way lies in warm countries, do not forget the sunblock - it will help you achieve that most desired "chocolate" skin tone!

To learn what?

Data about the country. If you go abroad, it would be nice to make inquiries about the chosen country. Where to go, what is normally perceived by foreigners, and what can not be done categorically? Knowledge of this will protect you from embarrassing situations.

Well, now you are completely ready to plunge into another culture. Bon voyage!
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