How to carry shoes?

Unfortunately, new shoes are not always comfortable. The new thing can look great on the legs, but if after a few minutes you begin to feel uncomfortable, this is an alarm bell. At home, it's not difficult to carry a new pair of shoes, but you should do this considering the material from which it is made.

Leather shoes

The natural skin is not accidentally highly valued at all times. Shoes made of it are of the highest quality and can easily be worn. One of the most accessible ways is to use wet newspapers. Tear them into small scraps, moisten with water, and then crumple and shove in the shoes. Try to fill your shoes as tightly as possible. It is important to note that it must dry naturally. Using a hairdryer or heater can deform the skin.

Alcohol also perfectly softens leather shoes. Walk with a wadded disc soaked in alcohol on the inside surface of the shoe and immediately after that, put it on. Do not remove the shoes for an hour. This will allow the shoe to "adapt" to your foot. A similar effect is possessed by grain. It is enough to fall asleep in the evening shoes with any grain (it must be moistened with water beforehand). Within a few hours it will swell, absorbing moisture, and thus stretch the shoes. In the morning, the grain should be removed from the shoes and, without waiting for them to dry out, put on. Walk in them for 1-2 hours, in order not to feel cramped and stiff in the future.

If you have already at least once put on uncomfortable shoes and rubbed their calluses, you should buy a special conditioner for shoes. To put such a tool first of all it is necessary on those places which became the reason of calluses formation.

Patent Leather Shoes

If the new patent leather shoes are tough and tight, take a small terry towel, moisten it with hot water and carefully wrap the shoes in it. In this form, it should be kept for 6-8 hours.


It is believed that suede shoes are very pliable. It can be worn if you regularly walk in it for a short time. But if you are limited in time, you can hold suede shoes over the steam, and then put on and for an hour in them to resemble. Suede on sale there are special sprays, they provide stretching without deformation of the material. Please note that these tools are intended only for a small stretch. The spray will be powerless if you want to achieve an increase in the whole size.

Artificial leather

To distribute footwear from leatherette allows a hair dryer. In order for this method to work, put on new shoes and turn on the hair dryer by selecting the mode with hot air. Try not to bring a working hair dryer too close to the shoes. It is enough to warm it up this way for 1-2 minutes. The exposure to heat will allow stretching the artificial skin where it is needed. The use of laundry soap also solves the problem. Rub a dry piece of soap on the inside surface of the shoe and walk in it for several hours.
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