Selection of the most interesting film premiere of the summer of 2018

In the first month of summer, I want to throw things off and immerse myself in the atmosphere of rest. We offer a selection of the best prime movers in June 2018. Watch movies with friends and have fun.

Jurassic World 2

The long-awaited continuation of the adventures of Claire and Owen came on big screens at the beginning of the month. The ruined amusement park, located on a distant island, lives its own life. But now he is threatened by the forces of nature, and some people are against saving dinosaurs. Under the scenario, the main characters could not keep the relationship after the events that occurred in the first part. But working together brings scientists together and love flares up between them again.

The film turned out to be bright and dynamic. Skirmishes of dinosaurs against the background of an erupting volcano look impressive, and humor helps relieve tension. Filming took place in the Brecon Beacons National Park, located in South Wales. The main place of action of the second part of the picture was a Gothic castle.


The author's work of Kirill Serebryannikov tells about the life of Peter of the 80s and the idol of thousands of rock fans Victor Tsoe. The picture is taken in the form of a musical, where songs and musical accompaniment help to reveal the ideas of the director. This film tells about the life, work and love relations of the leader of the "Kino" group.

Serebryannikov removed the picture from the memoirs of Mike Naumenko's widow Natalya, so the action takes place long before Tsoi's musical career began. Young musicians are looking for themselves, struggling with the system and dreaming of translating creative projects. In general, "Summer" turned out to be easy, magical and clean.


The house of the late Annie Graham is something strange. Against the backdrop of unusual events, the relationship between family members becomes strained. The main character understands that above her and her loved ones weighs a generic curse. Action plot develops very slowly, constantly podkidyvaya viewers new riddles about the life of the family. Gloomy music keeps you in suspense and does not allow you to relax.

The film's decoupling turned out even more mysterious, so the last scenes caused a whole wave of criticism and discontent. But if you closely follow the story, you can get answers to all the questions. The main roles were performed by Alex Wolfe, Morgan Land and Tony Collet.


The film directed by Fernando Leon De Arnaud tells the story of drug lord Pablo Escobar. The plot is based on the memoirs of a Colombian journalist and television presenter Vergina Vallejo. The picture tells of Pablo's love relationship with his wife and mistress, as well as about criminal business and conflicts with the authorities.

The main roles were performed by Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. The picture was taken in the style of the 80's, much attention was paid to costumes and entourage.

8 Ocean Girlfriends

At the end of June, the franchise continued on the family of talented criminals. This time the main character was Ocean's sister. She stayed in prison for 5 years because of the betrayal of the former boyfriend. After being released, Debbie decides to commit a daring robbery. To do this, she collects a diverse women's team of professionals. Its goal is a necklace worth $ 150 million.

As in the previous parts of the franchise, the film starred the brightest stars of Hollywood: Sarah Paulsen, Anne Hattuy, Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Keith Blanchett. In the frame there will appear such famous personalities as Sharapova and Kardashian. The picture was easy and dynamic.

Killer 2. Against all

The continuation of the film about the ruthless war of the Mexican drug cartels and the US special services turned out to be even more cruel than the first part. Therefore, it is recommended to watch it only to people with iron nerves.

The plot tells about the events taking place on the Mexican border. This time, drug traffickers begin to send terrorists to the US. To save civilians, Agent Matt Greiver and his team-mate Alejandro are entering the case.

You drive!

Once a year, a company of friends is going to play tag. For the sake of victory they are ready to sacrifice money, public opinion and official position. And in the game there is no prize, but there is a fear to remain the last. For all the years only one of the friends remained undefeated. This time the time came for his wedding.

Easy American comedy is perfect for viewing in the company of friends. Her adornment was funny jokes, a simple storyline and a wonderful cast. The film was released under the slogan: "Based on real events. Tooth is given! ".

Tell us in the comments which films of June made the strongest impression!
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