All about women's complexes

Many women do not like in themselves appearance, character, relationship with people. Most often this happens from the complexes that it has. To get rid of them, you need to understand yourself a little and try not to think about the opinions of others around you.

Lush forms

Most women are unhappy with their weight. They try to joke, do not take seriously offensive words spoken in their direction. Always dress in loose clothing. What to do? There are no ideal people. Even the models have flaws in the figure and cellulite. Clothes should not spoil a person, but serve as his decoration. Therefore, you should wear such models that will attract attention of the best parts of the body. Then the view will be chained to them. And the shortcomings and will not notice. And, of course, an easy adjustment in the diet and exercise will only benefit.

Model appearance

Disadvantages in appearance - a complex in most modern women. Often it leads to depression. Self-confidence is what will help in solving this problem. An ugly nose - a beautiful smile, thin hair - a breast of the fourth size. You have to be charming. Then most people will not even notice all the shortcomings that a person sees in himself.


The complex of an honors pupil is often found in women recently. They tend to be the best in everything, starting with the school bench. The first failure - and all, comes disappointment in life. It's easy to fight against this. We must understand that it is impossible to be the best in everything. It is better to be able to own several types of life variations and live peacefully.

A responsibility

The sense of guilt, which occurs constantly, leads to a complex of guilt. A person feels guilty when it rains and the flight is delayed. You must learn to respect yourself. Refuse to communicate with people who constantly remind you of this complex.

Complex of life

Certainly, recently this complex has departed aside, but there are women who suffer them. The complex of the old maiden does not allow a woman to relax. She is always fixated on the rapid process of aging, lack of attention of men. You can get rid of it easily. Do not go with the flow. You just need to understand that happiness comes regardless of age.

Each has a purpose

A set of losers according to statistics suffer 8 women out of 10. The fault is the person himself and his understated self-esteem. An easy way to combat this complex is to praise yourself every day for trifles. It is imperative to find positive qualities by which you can achieve any set goals.

How not to worry

What happens? To survive in the modern world, you need to develop self-confidence, combat shortcomings, raise self-esteem. And then from life you can expect positive moments and surprises.
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