5 books worth reading this summer

Summer evenings are so nice to spend time with a good book. Famous works will help to give the fly special notes, and some will change your thinking.

"Dandelion Wine" by Ray Bradbury

Douglas Spaulding is the protagonist of the book. All actions develop like a string of events around him and his family in the summer months. It is believed that the little boy self-portrait of the author himself. In addition, the writer gave the hero the name of his grandmother and his second name. The novel is filled with emotions and personal experiences. The book is easy to read and as if shows the importance of every moment in life.

Initially, the novel was to be heavier and roomy. However, at the insistence of the editor, the author had to share and facilitate it. For those who want to cover the whole story, you can read the whole book "Summer, Farewell" and "Summer Morning: Summer Night".

"The Arc de Triomphe" by Erich Maria Remarque

"Triumphal Arch" is a special novel by Remarque. The book tells about the German surgeon Ravik and his dramatic fate in the war years. The "Arc de Triomphe" touches the readers' experiences. In it war, death and love are intertwined. The protagonist has all the noble qualities and extremely difficult fate However, the summer evenings are not overshadowed by a sad ending. The book ends with kind and happy notes.

Continuation of the fate of Ravik can be found in the equally fascinating book "Shadows in Paradise." The novel was published after the death of the writer by his widow.

Tales of Old Vilnius "Max Fry"

Lovers of mysticism and short stories for leisure will appreciate the book. To date, there have already been released three books of amazing adventures and events on the old streets of the city. All the stories are neatly connected by one line. They are easy to read in free minutes in the summer and you can not be afraid to lose the storyline after a long break in reading.

"Runaway" by Alice Munroe

The collection of short stories is made in the style of realism and has a lot of subtle psychological details. The stories practically do not intersect in the story line and represent a full-fledged complete history.

The writer refers to her contemporaries and most recently received the Nobel Prize. Her stories are short and the most everyday. They describe simple things from the life of ordinary people. The stories do not weigh down and just fit for the summer mood.

"I'm looking at you" Irene Cao

This is the first book in the trilogy. From the first minute it seems to grab the reader and immerse in an amazing and sensual world. All events develop in the most romantic place on the planet - Venice. The novel wears a light erotic load and seems to rock on a wave of love mood. The plot unfolds a story about the relationship of two creative personalities, and this can not end uninteresting.

The rest of the trilogy: "I feel you" and "I love you"

"Plumber: Your knee" Slava Se

The best humor for summer mood. The book is written in a modern style and is well understood for all age categories of the reader. Recommended for those who do not want to darken themselves by summer days.

At the same time, the book with notes of humor tells about the serious things of our life and as if teaches us to treat everything more positively. The plot describes the life of the single father of two daughters and his difficulties. In the book the author describes his own life

"To hell with everything! Take it and do it!" Richard Branson

The book is capable of encouraging and encouraging any reader. The work of Richard Bradson is difficult to call a business tool and there are no specific ideas for motivation. However, it is colorful and interesting describes so many adventures adventurer. "To hell with everything! Take it and do it!" Is perfect for summer mood and helps to recharge your forces for new achievements.

"Veronica decides to die" by Paulo Coelho

A very beautiful psychological novel helps to rethink life and learn to enjoy every moment. Recommended for reading by young people and is one of the author's most vivid novels.

The book tells about a young girl who makes an unsuccessful attempt at suicide. After a large dose of sleeping pills, she is placed in a clinic for mentally ill people, where the girl starts a new life. In the midst of new emotions, Veronica learns about the terrible diagnosis that will lead her to death in a matter of days.

"Revenge bears Prada" Lauren Weisberger

An unpredictable novel is a continuation of the famous "The Devil Wears Prada". The book will be a real discovery, who is waiting for the release of the sequel to the screen.

The novel is decorated in the best motives of the cruel world and completely absorbs the reader. The book pleases with an absolutely unexpected ending and creates a good mood throughout the whole story. A light romance will brighten up the summer evenings and give a lot of positive experiences.
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