10 reasons why men change

And like everything, as usual, and everything, as always, but you honor, something is wrong. And then you find his correspondence with another woman or catch her smell on his shirt. Burning pain and resentment rusted with a screw screwed into your soul. When a family is in trouble - a woman wonders: "Why did this happen?" Let's consider the main causes of male infidelity, I hope this will help you, dear women, avoid such a scourge.

Lack of fine regular sex

It's no secret that men love sex. Nobody says that they can not love, but think only "the bottom floor" - no. But for a man, sex is a basic need, so you need to feed this beast inside your lover. If you rejoice your man every two weeks in the dark under the blanket - be prepared for the fact that he will look for the necessary on the side. And be assured, there will be another woman, ready to give your man what he needs. Moreover, sex is also useful for the normal functioning of the female body. Your man should want you always and everywhere. He must "take down the roof" from the thought of you. Excite him - only you know that it is his turn, so use this knowledge! Remember that at the beginning of a relationship every touch causes a desire, but eventually all the caresses become familiar and no longer excite the blood as in the first months of the relationship. Therefore it is very important not to allow boredom in the intimate sphere of your life.

Do not act like a man

Boys take care of girls. And this is also inherent in nature. At school, they carry backpacks and pull the pigtails, and then there's already who's into that much. But if you calmly change the candles and sponge your own car, and in the evenings, picking your teeth in beer with beer, be ready for young people, you will be more like a "woman-friend" than a gentle friend. Just let yourself have a few weaknesses. Even if you can do it yourself - let's take care of yourself.

You are not an attachment to the plate

When you behave like a man - you lose yourself as a woman, your inner self. "Including" the guy you do not let your partner be a man. From here there are scandals, disputes and misunderstandings. And your most important distinctive feature is losing your femininity. It is better to reverse it. Pour yourself - and be happy!

Bytovuha, routine, everyday life

If you eat your favorite chocolate every day, sooner or later you will hate it. Similarly, the common way of life is boring. Boring and monotonous sex. Yearning. Boredom. You are no longer interested in together, tired. In this case, not only a man can escape - a woman like that oppresses no less. Relations are work. You can not let things go by themselves. Make variety in your life, and not only in the intimate.

Did not work up

You can be as beautiful, kind, intelligent, sweet as you like, but if a man does not take his time off - everything is meaningless, nothing you can do with it. And this is not your fault - it's just that it's not that person. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right partner for your life, so as not to become the next in the list. Ideally, your companion should be already established, self-sufficient person. But remember that next to a successful man can only be a successful woman. If you do not have any aspirations in your life, it's unlikely that you will be comfortable with a purposeful and active man with you. Everyone is looking for a person with similar interests. Therefore, if you want to attract a man with certain qualities - dissolve them and yourself.

He wants more and more ...

Lack of attention

We girls love attention. To care for us, help, cherish us. But we often forget that a strong half of humanity also needs attention. It's very simple - a man likes to feel that you need him. You can do your own business - hobbies, promotion, spa and much more. But if you do not pay attention to your man - he will find one that will warm him, caress and listen. Hence treason. But remember, you should not be too much, you are not a ponytail, but a companion. So everything is in your hands!

Has ceased to watch

Very many girls, after parting with a man say that only now could go to the hairdresser, change the image, lose weight. . . Hence the question arises - what prevented them from doing this, being in a relationship? Imagine yourself in the place of a man. Here he came home, and there is something incomprehensible in a dirty robe and with a tail. Did he fall in love with such a girl? Why did he need this gremlin in curlers and a mask? And then no excuses will not help! !! You have to watch yourself. And it's not only in appearance, but also in behavior. Relaxing, next to your loved one is not worthy to burp the whole house, and picking a dagger in his hands. You're a girl, after all, and remain attractive to your one and only.

Do you like it when you are sawed?

Did not drink brains

Constant quarrels kill relationships. You drank, you saw his brain, and he took it and gathered to his mistress. It's warm and cozy there. And most importantly, no one endures the brain. The main thing in relations is dialogue. There is no need to accumulate disappointment in one's soul about each other. Talk to each other. Respect the opinion of your partner, and do not cut it because you do not understand it.

At a distance, it's hard to keep a warm relationship

Be near

We often hear that relationships at a distance have no chance of existence. And there is. You do not feel each other, there is no contact. Especially next to a good man, women always twist, which means that the longer and longer the distance, the more likely the treason. But this does not mean that you should be there every minute. Do not forget about your personal space.

Partner, not Mom

Men love to be looked after, but do not go too far. In addition, you should not educate your man. He is already ripe and held a person, you do not need to remodel it for yourself. You do not buy a swimsuit in order to change it into a fur coat - "Prishyu sleeves, and then the collar." Of course not. So why re-educate a man? If he does not suit you, then why build a relationship with him? Take ready, suitable for you the guy.


Perhaps the most hellish thing in a relationship is jealousy. We all have a sense of ownership, but man is not a thing. He has his needs, social circle and friends. With the advent of you he should not abandon everything and everything. If a good man is near you, rejoice, he is with you! !! With no one, but with you! Do not show him your self-doubt. Next to a confident man should be a proper woman. And in general, do not wind yourself once again.

Ah, this burning jealousy!

Lovely ladies, Relationships - this is a constant work on themselves and over relationships. Take care of yourself, value your personal space and your man. Your love should set you up for self-improvement, not degradation. Talk with each other, appreciate your relationship. Love to you!
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