How to increase your vocabulary?

Even if your profession is not connected with public speaking and you do not need to exercise regularly in public speaking, you are probably wondering about how expressive your speech and what impression it makes on others.

What is the vocabulary?

Having decided to diversify your own speech, you need to understand that the goal is to increase the active vocabulary. This is the totality of all those stable expressions and words that people use in everyday life. Their pronunciation occurs naturally, and sometimes even unconsciously. They constantly slip in both the spoken and written speech of a person and seem to him the most familiar.

Seldom used words fall into the passive vocabulary. You can know their meaning, but for no reason do not apply. Even less often, vocabulary can be used from an external vocabulary. It refers to what can be described as highly specialized terms. Their exact meaning is known only to representatives of certain professions. In everyday speech, they are used extremely rarely.

Analyze your own speech

In order to expand your active vocabulary, you first need to understand what vocabulary it consists of. Conscious training can become a key to this. Imagine telling an interesting story to a close friend and turn on the recorder. Write down your own speech so that you can later analyze the frequently used phrases. The story should be emotional and exciting.

The point is that every time you want to use the word parasite during the story, you pause and find a substitute for it. The more it is possible to find suitable epithets, the better. Such an exercise will make it possible to understand how your speech is affected by words-parasites and slang expressions.

Methods of enriching vocabulary

Ways to expand the vocabulary is pretty much all of them are simple and equally accessible.
  1. Communication. Try to share as often as possible with your close impressions about movies, books and any events that affect you emotionally. As a sample, use the exercise described above. Make your story detailed and detailed, you will introduce new expressions into your speech and reduce the number of used parasitic words.
  2. Letters. Written speech also largely shapes your vocabulary. Begin to be more attentive to how you express thoughts on paper and in electronic correspondence.
  3. Oratory. This method at the same time helps to increase self-confidence. Look for the opportunity to speak to the audience and observe how people react to your words.
  4. Poetry. Reading allows you to greatly enrich the vocabulary. But experience with poetry is most valuable, since it simplifies the memorization of bright images and new speech turns.

How to turn a passive vocabulary into an active one?

As a person constantly encounters new information, his passive vocabulary is constantly replenished. However, if you want to hear or read expressions from the passive vocabulary become active, it takes effort.

One of the most useful practices for the realization of this goal is the selection of synonyms. Choose a word and start to choose synonyms for it. The most frequently used expressions can be an exception. If you connect to this lesson of friends, the process will turn into an exciting game.
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