Loft style in the interior

This direction of design is fraught with many contradictions. Negligence of finishing in it is harmoniously combined with materials of high quality and well thought out accessories. This kind of interior looks not only practical, but also creative. Its undeniable advantage is that it does not have strict limits and will allow you to show your individuality in the arrangement of the exterior appearance of the room.

How did the loft come about?

In the 40s of the last century in large American cities in a hurry to redo industrial buildings for residential. The appearance of those rooms later became the main distinguishing feature of the style. Despite the works on improvement, the rooms retained an industrial atmosphere and many people liked it.

The popularity of this direction grew gradually. Over time, he developed several varieties that to some extent enriched elements typical of the loft with objects of related styles.

Varieties of style

If you like to surround yourself with practical and beautiful things, but are not used to taking care of them to fit together, you will like the boho-loft. The color and texture of interior items can be any. Brick wall masonry, floral textile print, worn leather chairs, wooden table. . . you can fill the room with things that matter to you, without looking at the rules.

The loft is perfectly combined with truly luxurious interior items. Furniture in the Baroque style, textiles in neutral colors, antiques, vintage mirrors. The presence of all these components in the room suggests that before you a glamorous version of the loft.

The industrial loft is considered the closest to the original design. It is manifested through ceiling beams, decorative metal elements. The furniture of the industrial loft tends to minimalism.

Distinctive features

Despite the fact that, according to the canons of style, the room should be slightly reminiscent of an abandoned workshop, clutter in it should not be allowed. Modern gadgets can be an excellent addition to the loft, but from numerous souvenirs and trinkets will have to be abandoned. Among the main features of the style are always high ceilings. Free space is emphasized not only by them. An important role is played by a minimum number of partitions and large windows. The surface finish may seem rough, but this is offset by the quality of the materials. The accent in the decoration can be placed on the ventilation pipes. The abundance of technology is combined with a minimum amount of furniture.


The presence of large windows provides natural lighting in the room. However, if it has an impressive size and is divided into zones, one chandelier can not be limited. A good solution is to use a group of lamps of similar design. A real godsend for the loft will be the availability of Edison lamps in the room.

Style Colors

The shades of brick and stone are always dominant. Also among the traditional for the loft can be considered such colors as: white, black, gray, beige. The color scheme largely depends on the chosen variety of style.

Who will approach loft style?

First of all, the interior in the style of the loft will appeal to fans of free planning. This style does not imply a heap of furniture and accessories. The fact that in a residential space the priority is practicality, can attract and fans of minimalism. They will certainly appreciate the functionality and thoughtfulness of this design.

Traditionally, the loft receives sympathy from representatives of creative professions, since the availability of free space allows them to easily implement various projects. Also to this direction of design is to look narrowly at people with a limited budget. This style allows you to save on finishing and purchasing new furniture, because it allows a combination of new and old things.
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