Dry Shampoo: Pros and Cons

Despite the sharply increased popularity, dry shampoo is not a novelty in the cosmetic market. Just in recent years, manufacturers have been able to significantly improve the convenience of its use.

What it is?

Previously, dry shampoo was sold in the form of powder or small compressed tiles. Use of a cosmetic in such formats was inconvenient. Everything changed when the manufacturers began to produce dry shampoo in a spray bottle. Shampoo itself has not changed at all. It still is a powder that is applied to dry hair. All that remains for the girl to do after this is to comb the hair with the comb. The contaminants are removed from the hair together with the particles of the sprayed shampoo.

This procedure takes several minutes. Water in the process of hair cleansing is not used. The main component of the dry shampoo is sorbents. They absorb fat and leave no chance of dust.

How to use dry shampoo?

When buying a dry shampoo in a store, remember that the effect of using it in many ways depends on you. Only proper application can provide a good result in the form of hair, to which not only purity, but also volume returns.

Shake the bottle with shampoo before use. Spray it should be at a distance of 30-40 cm from the head. It is very important that hair shampoo is distributed evenly. Once this is done, the shampoo particles will begin to absorb the contaminants. Therefore, dry shampoo should stay on your hair for at least 5 minutes. In order to remove it from the hair, tilt your head forward and carefully comb.

If you have a short haircut, you can use a towel for a similar purpose. After a similar cleansing session, the curls become more obedient, you can immediately begin to create the styling.


The benefits of using dry shampoos are quite obvious. They will be the best option in the case when you need to give your locks freshness and purity, and there is no time to complete washing your head. Owners of fine hair will like the property of such cosmetic products, create a radical volume. The ability to conduct an express cleansing of the head of hair without the use of water will be very relevant in case of unforeseen circumstances on vacation. So it makes sense to put the coveted vial in your travel-cosmetic bag.

If you often resort to styling, an important feature for you is that dry shampoo makes hair more pliable. They will better retain the necessary shape if you decide to curl them. Such cosmetics are especially attractive for hair prone to fat. Although the effect of dry shampoo can not be compared with its liquid analog, it allows you to extend the freshness of hair. It does not cause a rapid loss of color in colored hair.


Most of the negative feedback on the use of this type of beauty products is due to the fact that dry shampoo is trying to replace the familiar liquid shampoo. This approach is erroneous, since these products are not interchangeable.

Dry shampoo gives freshness to hair, but only for a short time. It will be effective if you did not wash your head for 2-3 days. However, placing great hopes on him after a week's refusal to wash his head is clearly not worth it. If you spray an excessive amount of shampoo on your hair, it will cause the particles to settle on the skin. The pores will be clogged, which can lead to inflammation.

Dry shampoo with frequent use can cause dandruff. It is extremely important to remove the shampoo from the curls. If you do not do it carefully enough, there will be a white coating on your hair (especially in dark strands). With care, dry shampoo should be used for people with dry and weakened hair. Because of the frequent use of such a remedy they can lose their natural shine, become dull and unattractive.
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