Floating procedure: relaxation in zero-gravity conditions

This procedure is simply designed for those who are not able to completely get rid of stress through sleep and passive rest. Among the salon procedures, floatation is still considered a novelty, but its features leave no doubt that very soon it will gain popularity.

What it is?

Flotation is a modern therapy aimed at relaxing the entire body. It was invented and shaped by the American neuroscientist John Lilly. Initially, the doctor used his own development for the rehabilitation of the military. Positive results have become the starting point for the spread of the floatation method.

Its essence lies in the fact that for a person deliberately create conditions in which he feels himself as if in weightlessness. This effect is achieved due to the immersion bath. The float system allows you to equalize the weight of a person and the buoyancy of water with saline. The session is held in a special room, isolated from the manifestations of the outside world. Floating allows you to escape from the daily hustle and dive into a deep relaxation. The procedure removes fatigue and has a pronounced soothing effect.

How is the procedure performed?

Going to the salon, do not forget to take your swimsuit with you. Usually the procedure lasts about 1 hour. All this time, the water temperature should be approximately equal to body temperature. After a few minutes of staying in the bath, the person can completely relax. A pleasant addition to this procedure can be music tracks designed for relaxation. It is believed that half an hour spent in the immersion bath, equal to 8 hours of full sleep. This is due to the fact that during the floatation session a person ceases to feel the tension in the muscles, the load on the spine is neutralized. Energy to maintain equilibrium ceases to be spent, which means that the body can fully direct it to restore its strength.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to remove contact lenses and any decorations, since these things can create discomfort. During the period of exacerbation of inflammatory processes, a beauty salon should not be visited.

Dry floatation

In addition to water flotation, the principles of which have been described above, there is a "dry" version of the procedure. The key difference is that during this session there is no contact with water. The bath is arranged in such a way that the body comes into contact with a special mattress, inside of which there is liquid. This allows you to combine flotation with other procedures (for example, wraps).

What is the use of floatation?

Visiting an unusual bath is beneficial for the body as a whole. The procedure is primarily relevant for those who suffer from frequent stress and in need of restoration of strength. It will also be appropriate to attend a session for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and in the presence of insomnia. This technique can be considered as an opportunity to return internal harmony. As for back pain, flotation can be used in a package of measures to speed it up as soon as possible. During the session, all muscle groups are relaxed, and this leads to an improvement in blood circulation.

Important nuances

Despite the fact that after the session there is a rush of strength and vivacity, it is not necessary immediately after visiting the float-chamber to immediately proceed to business. Your body may simply not be ready for a sharp transition from a state of complete rest to active action. Flotation is not a medical procedure and is available in many beauty salons, but do not forget about contraindications. The prohibition concerns first of all the presence of open wounds and cuts, as well as any infectious diseases.

If you chose water floatation, do not go to the salon immediately after hair removal. The action of the saline solution can cause skin irritation. In the room where the procedure is performed, neither light nor sound should penetrate during the session. Fluctuations in air temperature or drafts are not permissible. When immersing in a bath it is important to pay attention to its dimensions. It should be spacious enough so that you can comfortably sit in it. Flotation has a cumulative effect. With each following procedure, you can quickly relax. A noticeable effect can be observed after 4-5 procedures. The optimal frequency of sessions is 1-2 times a week.
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