The best routes for traveling with a tent

Someone loves comfort in everything, and someone during a holiday urgently needs freedom, nature and contact with it. And it's not a small amount of finance, because if you approach the issue of buying all the necessary equipment and equipment professionally, then it will be a pretty penny.

If you are not afraid of difficulties and inconveniences, love nature, and in your soul lives a romantic, then for you there is a great option for an unforgettable stay. In this case, the ideal option for organizing your leisure will be the trip with the tent to the beautiful places.

It is an opportunity to enjoy walks throughout the day and spend romantic evenings with sunset, an overnight stay in a tent in the open air and stars, and start the morning with the dawn.

For beginners

To start your travels with a tent, there is no need to choose difficult routes, to get away from civilization. Its choice can be made in favor of developed directions in the tourist plan. You do not have to worry in the event that the civilization is too far away from you, you are not alone. Preparation should begin long before the start of travel, think through all sorts of situations, pick up inventory and settle organizational issues.

Which country to choose?

For newcomers, trips to Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Abkhazia are perfect. And then there is the choice of the city of this country or even cities for your trip.

If you go on such trips not for the first time, you need to expand your routes for rest, and along with that, and the impressions you received, then for you - Europe. The cities of Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark are known for their campsites, panoramic trails and adequate laws.

Beginners are more original

For bright adventures you do not need to go to the countries of Europe, you can enjoy the beautiful not far from us. For this it is only necessary to look around and understand what you need for an ideal rest and an unforgettable pastime.


Unique flora and fauna of Lake Baikal, more precisely its southern coast. A lot of beaches, accommodation options in the tent and observation of the beauty of Baikal from a height.

There is a variant of both more "wild rest", and close to civilization. Karelia is the most favorable place for traveling with a tent. The nature, rich in beach places, lakes, and what is most interesting - Paanajarvi, national park.

Officially, you can relax with a tent in this beautiful protected place, where you will enjoy the rocks, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. The Medveditsa River is an excellent option for those who like to go down the river in a kayak. This is clean water, excellent fishing and sandy beaches, which is great for fans to swim. Also sailing along the river, you will see picturesque landscapes of steppe, dense forests and even mountains.


There is a so-called Ukrainian Switzerland, namely the granite-steppe Pobuzhye in the Mykolayiv region, the village of Grushavka. This is a steppe terrain, and rocky, with canyons and bubbling water in the river. This option is perfect for both extreme, rafting, and for people who prefer a quiet holiday with beautiful surroundings.

The second non-banal option for traveling to Ukraine will be Bakot. This place in the Khmelnytsky region you will not find on the map, but after visiting there, you will get a lot of colorful impressions. Here you and warm lake water, and quiet places for swimming. A great option for getting a charge for the coming year.

In the Odessa region there is a recreation option by the sea. Lyman Hajibey will give a wonderful holiday on the sandy shore, will provide an opportunity to fish and improve with the help of mud from the bottom of the sea, though black.


Special attention should be paid to traveling with a tent to the Crimea peninsula. This is a great opportunity to choose a type of recreation, a lot of campsites, so, by plotting your route, do not miss the Crimea from attention. Alushta, Shchelkino, Cape Kazantip and Tarkhankut, Fox and Quiet Bay, Orlovka, and this is not a complete list of places where you should go with a tent.

You are waiting for the poor places, wild and excellent sandy beaches, free curative clay, as well as organized camping with all modern conveniences. For a wider range of experiences, you can take part in excursions, bike rides and diving.


Many camping sites in Minsk await their guests with tents. Rest on the shore of the reservoir, pond and river, forest, sandy beaches, village-museum. There are options for independent recreation, as well as several different organized entertainment.

The Grodno region and the Neman river will give you a peaceful journey with the opportunity to swim in cool waters both independently and on a boat, to see a dam of beavers.

There are also tourist parking facilities on the lakes - Bolto, Bolduk, Boltik, Naroch, Strusto. Blue lakes with picturesque landscapes, a water mill, a dam, berries, forests and the opportunity to go fishing.


Tbilisi is the capital, with which it is necessary to get acquainted for several days. Castles, mosques, museums and public gardens, everyone will surprise and conquer your heart. Further you are expected by mountain peaks, fortresses, valleys, adventures and the most fascinating and picturesque places. And how many legends can be learned about each of them.

Batumi is rich in its sights and is considered the center of tourism of the country. Beaches, mosques, museums, castles, churches and parks, and that's not all that this city has prepared for you.


The camping between Sukhumi and Ochamchira proved to be good, because not everyone could see the whole eucalyptus garden. Healing air, exotic, landscapes, clear sea and excellent beach.

Tsandripsh is a village for lovers to organize their vacation with a tent. The sea, beautiful landscape, beautiful nature and a great opportunity to relax. You can get here without special difficulties, because there is a nearby road, you do not have to go kilometers to your ultimate goal.
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