Scotland - an attractive place for tourists

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable trip, then you need to plan a trip to Scotland. A distinctive feature of Scotland, most likely, are not its rocky mountains and plains covered with greenery, not even the untouched wild nature, but a large number of legends associated with its terrain. Mountains, plains, rocks, islands, forests, waterfalls, lakes and seas, associated with mysticism and myths.

Tourism in Scotland

About Scotland much is written, said and sung, there are many castles and islands in the sea. It is a country of secrets and mysteries, its legends are diverse, impressive with its brightness and exoticism. However, such a tourism is not strong for everyone, because there are various difficulties that endure you for strength: conquering peaks, rafting, arctic walks ... But this should be decided and you will never regret, especially because of the huge number of beautiful species:

The capital city is Edinburgh

It is Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful European capitals, it is the cultural center of Scotland. There are art festivals, torchlight processions, and the New Year is celebrated in a special Scottish national style. Ancient buildings combine modern elegance in the interior.

City of Glasgow

Popular and attractive by its cultural side - music, creativity, design works and innovative technologies. Immediately invented and functioning attraction in the city center, allowing to plunge into the life of a rich man of the last century with all the necessary attributes. Half a day is given for immersion in a world in which you can be in one of two roles: a servant or gentlemen.

Isle of Skye

You can get to the island by ferry, and surprise will bring a look with grazing sheep on a green meadow with blooming herbs and shrubs, which, in turn, is in the background of snow-capped peaks. The Isle of Skye is famous for the beach of Elgol with its large boulders and landslide hills on the northern side of the island, as well as the waterfall of Mealt and Kilt Rock.

Internal and External Hebrides

The internal Hebrides consist of 79 islands, 35 of which are inhabited by people, and only 15 islands are populated in the outer ones. These islands are not completely untwisted for organizing beach rest, but they differ in beautiful places for sunbathing.


This is one of two national parks in Scotland, opening for the tourist a beautiful Lake Muik and Spicey Way Park.

Fort William and Glencoe

Settlement of a large territory, famous for its mountain routes and the valley with beautiful scenic views, which you can enjoy with the help of the famous train - Hogwarts Express.

Orkney Treasures

The islands of Orkney are rich in archaeological treasures, these islands are natural, beautiful, so they show a lot of attention of tourists.

Isle of Arran

Equated with a miniature view of most of Scotland, here and mountains, and plains, and the hill, and valleys. Still very popular are such places as the castle Eilen-Donan and the lake Loch Ness, famous for its Loch Ness monster. Not to visit them, having visited Scotland, is considered a major loss of losses. This list can be continued indefinitely, but in fact it is worthwhile personally to visit there and see everything with your own eyes!

What can an unusual tourist do in Scotland?

The unusualness of this rest, of course, attracts not only ordinary tourists, but even experienced ones. So here are some sketches that one can get unusual from having a rest in Scotland:
  1. Although difficult to get, but you can take a sun bath on the most secluded beach in Europe.
  2. Night in a former crazy house, now nothing about this and does not recall, but the room is all the same. Would you like to spend your night in this way, then go to Edinburgh, Hotel du Vin.
  3. Scotch whiskey, which can be tasted in 97 specialized institutions, so you can choose and enter one of them based on your planned itinerary.
  4. To experience the sharp changes in the weather and understand the piercing force of the cold, to understand that it is not so cold in Russia, and also to get under the invasion of mosquitoes. Here is an incomplete list of misconduct of nature and weather in Scotland.
  5. Communicate with the wolves in the park of wild animals in Kinkrayge, arrange a run with them. This entertainment is only for the bravest and courageous people. Especially such contact with the wild nature is surprised by parents, whose children admire such action, because it can be difficult to decide on your own, and let your child do it ... But the leadership is proud of the absence of incidents on this occasion.
  6. Many ancient castles in Scotland and each with its own history, and what kind of castle without a ghost? These castles give the tourist the opportunity to meet with the other world, and some even guarantee you such a meeting. Fans of acute impressions can safely go to the hotel Ackergill Tower.
  7. For lovers of fishing and excellent catch there is the Tweed River in the south of Scotland. Here you can go fishing for the largest species of salmon. But just remember that it can be done on any day, except Sunday, the day off there.
  8. The town of Lerwick on the Scottish islands every last Tuesday of January will give an unforgettable fire show. Tourists come here to see the costumed action with songs, dances and burning of ships by the Vikings themselves.
  9. At the annual festival held in Edinburgh, you can visit the world's biggest stage. All corners of the city are decorated with a variety of stage, on which sing, shout, dance and make the show the most unusual talents.
  10. Hunting with a falcon, that's what the aristocracy's entertainment develops in modern times. Hunting with a bird of prey on the hand, hunting, which is taught, demonstrates and with the production of which you can cook lunch there.

Everyone will find their own

Scotland is rich in unforgettable adventures, it intrigues every tourist. Absolutely, any person will find a rest for himself and will certainly discover something new. And most importantly, Scotland will not leave anyone indifferent!
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