How to choose a gift for a child for the New Year

As New Year holidays approach, parents, grandmothers, grandfathers begin to puzzle over what can be given to children, grandchildren. Of course, you can buy a ready-made New Year's gift for the child, a set of sweets and all kinds of sweets. But toddlers should already give sweet gifts in the kindergarten or school, one of the parents brings them from work, and too many sweets are harmful, especially if it is a small child. The most universal gift is a toy, but it needs to be properly chosen, in accordance with the age of the child.

One year old

Do not buy a one-year-old baby too many toys, he does not appreciate it, since so far it is possible to concentrate only on one subject. He took a toy, played for a while, threw it away, and forgot about it. Moving one toy after another, he will not be able to evaluate each, play enough, so one gift is enough, but good. What could it be? It is best to please the child with some developing toy, for example, a new pyramid or a beautiful sorter.

Two Years

At this age, children can play with many items at once, so you can cook as one gift, and several. They can appear one by one under the New Year tree during all New Year holidays. What to give a child for the New Year? You can carefully ask about this, talking with the baby, for example, before going to bed. But do not yet wonder what he would like to get from Grandfather Frost, he is too small, his desires change too often. It is better to choose the gift yourself.

It can be a thematic toy, for example, a police car for a boy or a set of hairdresser for a girl. You can buy something for creativity: the dough for modeling or the finger paints. The kids will be pleased with a simple puzzle consisting of large elements or a designer. Do not forget to pack everything beautifully, it's one thing to just receive a gift, another thing is to unpack it, waiting to find something interesting and unusual in the box. This will create a festive mood.

Gifts for children from 3 to 6 years old

If you choose a gift for a three-year-old child for the New Year, it's important to ask him what he would like to receive from Santa Claus. At this age, children can already make an informed choice, so it's worth buying one, but a good gift. What could it be:
  • sets of doctor, hairdresser;
  • children's dishes;
  • dolls for girls, a track with cars or a railway for boys;
  • all kinds of sets for creativity;
  • skates or skis
  • constructors
  • puzzles
  • the book
This list can be expanded, supplemented, the main thing - you need to take into account the opinion of the child, and not rely only on your taste.

Letter to Santa Claus

A grown up child will probably want to write a letter to Grandfather Frost. First, the message to him can be helped by a mother or grandmother, and he himself will draw a picture for Santa Claus and help beautifully decorate the envelope with stickers, tinsel, snowflakes. The letter can be put in the freezer or left on the windowsill, so that the magic assistants of Santa Claus take it when the baby goes to bed. Or do everything more prosaically: send it by mail, at 162390, Russia, Vologda region, Veliky Ustyug, Father Frost's Mail. Or, 109472 Russia, Moscow, Volgogradsky prospect, possession of 168 d, Kuzminsky forest, Grandfather Frost. You can choose any other, for example, overseas address.

Whatever you decide to give for the New Year, the main thing is the expectation of a miracle, a fabulous atmosphere. It is not so important, what a gift the child will receive, but he must feel the atmosphere of the holiday, believe in miracles. And what did you decide to buy as a gift for children this year? Have you written a letter to Grandfather? To what address did they send? Did the answers to such letters come earlier? If so, please tell us about it in the comments.
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