Psychology of a man: when he ripens for marriage and family

The psychology of a man is not at all simpler and more understandable than a woman's, and also has many pitfalls. No wonder they say that men from Mars, and women from Venus, to understand each other at times are very difficult. They think differently, express emotions differently, react to what is happening and do many other things in different ways.

Men have a continuous connection among the concepts "Freedom" - "Wedding", and they do not want to lose their freedom, so the question of marriage recedes into the background.

Against nature you will not go ...

It is genetically in man that the main goal is to continue his genus. This goal many motivate their actions and plans for life. But it is also necessary to take into account age, because before the age of 25 the young man interprets this goal a little differently and pays attention to the most sexual act and its relevance among the weaker sex. And already a mature man can create a family with the sense of the need to have his offspring born and provide him with male protection and women's care, warmth. It is the role of the head of the family, also of natural origin, that plays an important role in the decision to marry.


The strong sex feels much more confident and stronger when he has a stable job, a good salary, an excellent position. Therefore, until a man achieves all that, he will not be sure of his significance. And accordingly, and is not ready to marry, because work at this stage is more important than a woman ...

The family does not fit into such plans, recedes into the background and the man is sure that he will always manage to get married. That's just about age should not be forgotten.

Age for marriage

Of course, age is also part of the psychological preparedness of marriage for a man. The older stronger sex tends to create a family, because he needs it. Not important are the external ideal traits, flirting and bachelor fun. He wants the appearance of children, women's attention and care, strong family relationships. A young guy lives for his own pleasure, learns from mistakes, then there is a desire for achievements of a serious level. And so, gradually, growing up and changing their values, the result will be one - to want to be necessary to someone, find someone who will be in solidarity with you, your soul mate.

Valuable relations

The next fact is to take into account the importance of women for men, is he ready to risk for her, to do things and follow her along with her. Here the relationship is built according to the scheme he is a hunter, she is prey, his success and the trophy. Seeking the attention of such a lady, the man himself will want her to be his and immediately offer to become his wife, until someone else does it. Also here plays the role of competition, because the desire to get an important prize encourages the man to act more actively and achieve his goal.

But it happens the other way around, when a woman takes on the role of a hunter. In this case, the situation is drastically changing, the man is not used to being prey by nature, so this woman is lost interest and he avoids it.


In marriage, a man needs his aspects, in the first place he needs:
  • trust;
  • take with all the shortcomings, such as it is;
  • to recognize his rightness;
  • admire actions;
  • approve decisions;
  • encourage.
He needs to receive this, first of all, from a woman, and then from others. Relations without criticism, reproaches, stimulating achievements, so that there was someone to talk to and who will listen to you. But only better if this relationship is not in a civil marriage, otherwise the feeling of freedom will not leave a man ever. This option does not give an incentive for marriage, a man is not ready for this step, but indeed, and why, because he already has everything, needs are met and so. In marriage, he wants to get a home comfort, a companion in life, who as a best friend takes part in all his affairs, emphasizes the importance of this, will always support the conversation on this topic and will understand in any situation.

Willingness to marry

The readiness itself can be determined by several signs:
  • Love or love. Only time will put everything in its place and make it clear whether he is ready to sacrifice his interests, take care, be with such a woman as she is and not want her changes, and therefore create a family.
  • Adoption of shortcomings. This strong move indicates that there is no desire to find an ideal. Clear confidence in the joint solution and overcoming of emerging problems, and hence also in marriage.
  • To be a man. While the career is under construction, the search for oneself is conducted, there is no place for romantic relations and, moreover, for the creation of a family. Therefore, it remains only to wait for the man to be ready - morally, physically, financially and emotionally, become husband, head of the family.
  • Tired of freedom. Yes, and this can be the case. The environment of a man is changing, the former guys become men, and mostly married, so finding a company for free revels is becoming increasingly difficult. The revelers themselves become monotonous, primitive, not so fascinating, and therefore do not bring satisfaction. There is a desire to find a soul mate, a soul mate, with whom there is a desire to share all joys and sorrows.
  • Faith in the seriousness of what is happening. Relations should be a priority, despite all the difficulties that arise.

A man ready for marriage?

Maturation should occur, but for each individual. Everyone has his own motivation and his views on life, so you need to be careful not to miss the moment when a man comes to the conclusion that he wants to be necessary, and not forever free, single, single.

Not everyone is inclined to make quick decisions without much deliberation, there are those who will come to this after a few months, maybe years. The main result is to create a healthy and strong family.
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