Kurilian Bobtail: character and features

Kurilian Bobtail (or CourBobic) is not just a beautiful and interesting breed of cats. Life in the harsh conditions of the Kurile Islands developed in them a special masculinity. It is from here that such an unusually hard look, self-confidence, patience and phenomenal cleverness.

Main character traits:
  • good hunter
  • A calm and measured animal that has a strong stable psyche
  • faithful
  • good-natured
  • independent
Like all representatives of felines, very curious. Intellect in a merger with the energy can revive any housing.

The kitten of the Kuril Bobtail. Character and habits.

This breed is very jumpy, they have strong backs and powerful strong body, they are incredibly quick and active.

Hypochity of special troubles to others will not deliver - everything is more than smoothes out an intelligent and educated character, the features inherent in bobtails.
Wanting to have such a miracle at home, you need to provide the kitten with enough space to play.

Cat breed: Kurilian Bobtail

The intelligence of the "kurilchat" is truly amazing! Communication with such a pet, tracking the habits and cunning tricks will bring a sea of ​​positive emotions. Bobtails have a special charisma and a natural charm of the wild beast.

In the warehouse they are very open and friendly. After the leprosy and well-deserved punishment, they will not conceal their resentment against a person, they will on the contrary go behind you with a tail and curry favorately, as if asking for forgiveness. There is only one danger - you will be bitten by conscience, for that they have scolded such a sweetie!

Intelligence of the Kuril Bobtail

Bobtails are absolutely not vindictive and can be easily trained, it is enough to explain 2-3 times that "this is impossible", the lesson will be learned and they will get used to this order.

Another of the special features of these fuzzy is their individuality. Each representative is truly unique and unique in its kind. The divorce, where dozens of bobtails, is a real palette of characters, leaders and whims, grouchy and very affectionate, calm and alive. . . But whatever your pet is by nature, it will be incredibly sweet and beautiful. And by the way, they are very expressive meow, and in tone one can distinguish what kind of attitude of the pet and what he "says".

Bobtails have a certain similarity with dogs, they even say that this is a "successful reincarnation of a dog in a cat's body." Cats yield to training: they understand the command "aport", they bring a small ball to play, chase strangers defending their native territory, warn owners about the danger (there are many facts when this breed of cats about short circuit, gas leakage, etc.).

If a cat has a mood, he will happily play and perform commands, and he grasps all the information on the fly.

Kuriles distinguish more than 1000 words and their derivatives. According to observations of researchers, these animals have a logical mindset and thinking.

In order to get the attention of the owner, the cat will do its best, and if it does not work out the first time, he will try again making changes and additions to his actions for the logical chain.

As already mentioned, the Bobtails have a very bright hunter instinct, he tries to catch everything that creeps, flies and generally moves. But if we are talking about pets - he will never touch, if it's a parrot or a domestic rat, he will lick and embrace them. With respect to other breeds of cats living in the same territory - they recognize the primacy of even the kittens of smokers.
Excellent get along with dogs, and even become best friends.

Kurilian Bobtail is a wonderful hunter

How does the Kurilian Bobtail live in a family

One bright feature of the breed - they are attached not to the place of residence, but to the person. The cat itself will choose who will be its master, so the location of the pet should initially be earned.

Kuriles are closely, even relentlessly connected with man, they always try to be close to the master, like a shadow.

These cats are excellent companions, he will be with you both on a visit and on a walk, excellent walks on a leash.

Bobtails have an innate sense of tact, and if they understand that you are ill or sad, they will try to be near and support from all their feline forces. He will faithfully meet at the doorstep from work, and even wake up in the morning poking his cheek.

These pets will become an excellent nanny for your baby, they will feel the child subtly and never offend him, and if the baby cries suddenly, they will come and call you for help. The child and the cat will never be bored together, the main thing is to teach the baby how to handle the pet, that you can not beat and offend the cat.

They are very fond of water, and to wash their paws in a basin of water - for them it is a sacred cause. Bobtails have special wool, and when bathing, it gets wet not immediately (and yet it does not roll down and does not accumulate collars). And another interesting fact: these cats swim like ducks.

Here they are amazing - the Kurilian Bobtail.

Kurilian Bobtail - gets along well with children

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