The vicissitudes of proper nutrition

We often start our way to a healthy lifestyle with a new diet. Low fat yogurt for dinner or muesli from the store for breakfast. But not always the inscription on the package and advice from the girlfriends - the best option to build your own menu.

Experiment on yourself

One Australian actor, and part-time director, Damon Gamo decided to arrange an unusual experiment. He pursued a noble goal - is it really useful food from the store with the mark "healthy"?

Before the beginning of the experiment, Damon made the necessary preparations. Started with the delivery of tests and visits to doctors who made a verdict - Damon is healthy as an astronaut - sugar is within normal limits, the liver works great.

before the experiment the author visited a doctor - a nutritionist.

Damon set the time interval - 60 days, and throughout the action he was conducting a video diary.

Most supermarket products contain a large amount of sugar, many do not realize that a day consumes about forty teaspoons of sugar per day. And it is not necessary that they eat sweets, or drink soda water, sugar is in everything from cereals for breakfast to yogurt.

For the time of his experiment, the basis of the diet of Damon was - the so-called "healthy food" - fruits, vegetables, various muesli and juices. The daily norm of calories in his diet has not changed.

Damon in his experiment relied on elementary calculations: on average, a teaspoon contains about four grams of sugar. Already at his first new breakfast, Damon opened a glass of packaged juice, and a cup of flakes contains almost twenty spoonfuls of sugar. It is not surprising that by the twelfth day of the experiment, the author scored three and a half kilograms, and by the end of the project - ten and the propensity to diabetes.

Proper nutrition - is it healthy?

Sugar and healthy fats

There is always controversy, what is more harmful: fat or sugar? In any store you will find yoghurt and ice cream with zero fat content, and other dairy products have become "useful". But almost all these products have a huge content of sugar, sugar substitutes and trans fats. As many studies have shown, diets based on low-fat foods do not give results better than on foods with high content. On the contrary, unsaturated fats are useful for our body.

During the experiment, Damon noted that when eating "right" food, he constantly felt hungry, although the number of calories consumed per day - has not changed.

Every time, getting into our body, trans fats and sugar substitutes of non-natural origin harm our body - the process of cell saturation worsens, metabolism is broken, and also accumulation of toxins. As a consequence - there are diseases of important body systems.

Check the composition before buying.

The brain is all over the head

Damon - the author of the experiment observes an interesting brain reaction to sugar. Within 45 minutes after its use, a person experiences an upbeat mood, and his brain starts to work more actively. However, this effect quickly passes, adrenaline is released, and this signals us about stress and the thirst for a new dose.

Also, Damon notes the obvious harm of juices - they also contain a lot of sugar. It is unlikely that you will eat 5-6 oranges or large apples, but to drink their juice - just, and with it get a bulk dose of sugar. Therefore, it is worth choosing vegetable juices, and from fruits you can make delicious smoothies, which contain more fiber.

Damon Gamot's experiment does not call us and you to abandon the freshly squeezed juice or your favorite ice cream once and for all, the author draws our attention to the sugar that lurks in the usual food and suggests to think - do we choose the right food in the store?
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