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The 21st century brought many changes to our lives. They touched all aspects of our lives, including the labor market. There were new professions, for example, life-coach.

Who is who?

Every day we make a choice. Basically, our decisions are based on past experience - victories and defeats. And we ourselves limit ourselves to frames, and then we courageously get out of them, if possible. We are confused in the sequence of goals and objectives, and as a result, we do not get what we want.

Here comes to the rescue - coach. And if you translate word for word into Russian - "life coach." The task of the coach is to create an atmosphere of activity around you that will help you achieve goals in different areas of your life, and also get freedom from negative stereotypes. The work of the coach is very similar to the sports coach, and with an individual approach.

Support is needed for everyone

But be careful! Now the profession of the Life Coach has become extremely popular, there have been many "quick-courses" for training specialists in this area. So, there is a risk to run into an amateur who does not help you in solving life problems, but rather harms you.

Solve problems

Coaching is a universal tool that is suitable for solving 95% of all our problems. How to restore order in life? How to solve problems in the family? How to build relationships with children? How to realize your opportunities? How to succeed in life? How can I manage everything everywhere? How to start a new stage in life? How to achieve a balance of life? And this is not all the issues solved by life coaching.

First of all, the coach does not work with problems, but with goals and objectives. And when setting the task, unlike the problem, we are building the ways to solve it. Let's pay attention: changing the problem to the task, we are tuned to the positive and the action, we feel more confident. We try to think not by categories of problems, but by categories of tasks - this is a very useful skill.

Working with a coach is a fairly long-term venture, but you can spend a month, it all depends on what you want to achieve. The length of the session depends on the personal style of the coach's work, from the coaching school that he practices. Also, life coaching is aimed at the ability of a person to develop multifaceted. For example, a woman spent many years on the promotion of the career ladder, but in a romantic relationship she has a lot of holes. Often, work with the coach is compared with humanizing - returning to the real world with feelings and emotions. The coach helps to disclose the inner potential of a person, and does not impose his opinions and way of life on him.

Who needs to contact the Life Coach?

In a difficult moment, you can not be alone

The world around us is changing constantly, and we are chasing new products and the future is driving ourselves into a dead end. We are tired, which means that we are missing something important in the personal sphere of life, we are again trying to catch up with what was lost, and we are overtaken by depression. If you do not get out of this loop - there can be really dangerous consequences for your emotional health. If you feel that:
  • Lose meaning and orientation in life.
  • The days become gray and meaningless.
  • It is not possible to achieve the intended goal.
  • Feeling that something is missing.
  • Stress absorbs you.
Then you would not put a personal trainer in your life. Coach service, by the way, is not the cheapest. But if you compare these costs with spending on expensive sessions of psychologists to treat depression, and undermined health, you can see the benefits. In addition, it is easier to deal with the problem while it is in its infancy.

Life coach - this is not a panacea for all problems and not a quick-action pill. The coach does not "repair" a person, he directs, does not give way and is necessary, only to those who are ready to work on themselves, rather than waiting for a wonderful decision.
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