Unusual facts about ornaments

Of what, from what, what are our girls made of? From earrings, from bracelets, from rings and other ornaments. It's not a secret that accessories for women are not just objects of decor, but a way of self-expression of their feminine essence. From ancient times to the present days, women all over the world adorn themselves with intricate accessories, with many of them associated with unusual facts and signs.

Earrings in Russia

Girls in Russia have always been famous for their beauty

Jewelry almost always symbolizes something. So, for example, in Russia the guy could easily find out the marital status of the earrings of the girl she liked. If the girl is not yet burdened with marriage, she usually wore earrings of oblong form, without unnecessary details. But the married ladies allowed themselves to wear and more intricate jewelry for their ears. Here fantasy had no boundaries! A variety of shapes, colors, details, in a word - luxury. It is believed that this way the family prosperity and the state of her husband were shown. By the way, her first earrings the girl received as a gift from her father for the fifth anniversary and had to keep them all her life. A lot of superstitions are connected with the earrings. For example, if a married lady lost one of the earrings, it was considered a bad sign, which meant a possible betrayal of the spouse. In case a man found a simple earring of an unmarried girl, the sign said that he would become her husband. A woman in a marriage was supposed to wear earrings, otherwise she could have been widowed. And the woman who lost her husband, did not wear any jewelry in her ears - it was considered a sin.

Ornaments for teeth

Now in a fashion white teeth

Now few people will be surprised to see the interlocutor's teeth unusual decor. Who was the first to insert into the teeth precious stones? They are people from ancient tribes of Indians - they drilled holes in their teeth and put precious stones in them. In Malaysia, the same teeth decorated with copper studs and mother of pearl. Many ideas of their adornment are connected with teeth. In African tribes, girls are knocked out front teeth in order to quickly give them to marry. And the Japanese geisha used to blacken their teeth and call this rite "ohaguro." But in the old Europe, tooth decay was caries. It was believed that only a rich man can afford many sweets, and hence black holes in his teeth.

Hryvnia on the nape of the neck

Coin or decoration?

Did you know that the ancient decoration on the neck gave the name to the Ukrainian currency? It was a massive necklace of precious metals in the form of a dense semicircle with a clasp on the neck. Or rather on the nape. Such decoration was in progress in Russia. Later, the hryvnia began to call an ingot of precious metal of a certain weight.

Eye Piercing

Unusually and risky.

That's how the inhabitants of the Netherlands began to decorate themselves unusually at the beginning of the two thousandth. Small ornaments of various shapes are inserted into the eyeball. And this is done with the help of this operation. The price of such beauty-execution is not small at all - about a thousand euros.

Precious berry

Strawberries are delicious and without jewelry.

New Orleans has always struck with its eccentricity, in the field of jewelry it was no exception. In one fashionable restaurant you can order a truly royal dish - a strawberry with diamonds (almost 5 carats!). Serve a dish with an air cream and mint leaves.

Egyptian savvy

The smart people valued aesthetics

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and nobles were very fond of jewelry. And the higher the title and the human race, the harder it was to decorate it. On ancient frescos it is evident that special preference was given to necklaces. They were made of cast plates of precious metals. Naturally, such accessories were extremely heavy, which means they were dragging people forward. Here, the Egyptian savvy worked. Necklaces began to be worn on the other side - on the back. Such a fashionable counterweight.
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