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"Men love eyes" is a well-known fact. Girls for the sake of attention of the opposite sex go to various experiments: they sit on diets, go in for sports, go to a solarium, visit SPA-procedures.

Many over the years trying to lose weight, get beautiful shapes, but fail, and not seeing the result of their efforts.

3 steps to a beautiful figure

What do you need to do to find a slim, smart shape?

Watch the weight

The weight of a healthy girl should not exactly exceed the last two digits of growth (for example, a height of 168 cm, which means that the weight does not exceed 68 kg.), Otherwise they will be extra pounds, get rid of them better with the help of a nutritionist.

Check weighing once a week, in the morning, on an empty stomach. Only this determines the dynamics. During the day the weight changes, depends on the eaten foods, drunk water and physical exertion. Therefore, do not take out the scales in the evening, so as not to be upset by the figures you see.

Eat right

Exclude alcohol, sweet fizzy drinks, mayonnaise, chips, crackers, fast food.

For breakfast, eat, mainly, cereals in milk or water in moderately salted and sweetened (as a sweetener, use honey, fruits, dried fruits). Porridges are saturated with carbohydrates and vitamins.

The best option for dinner is low-fat soup. It is not a heavy food, useful for the stomach. Combines proteins and carbohydrates.

For dinner, use vegetable salad (cabbage, carrots, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, radish), seasoned with oil (vegetable, olive, linseed) and lean meat (beef, chicken breast) or fish. Alternative cottage cheese.

The last full meal should be 4 hours before bedtime.

Do the right snacks: vegetables and fruits in their raw form, sour-milk products.

Strongly high-calorie food eat until 15. 00 (otherwise you will not spend energy calories in your problem areas).

Drink more water. At least 1, 5 - 2 liters per day. It will not give way to an appetite. In addition, water slows the aging of the skin.

In order not to break from strict regime, do yourself a "boot day". Choose one day of the week, when you allow yourself to eat some harmfulness and see that the enjoyment of eating will get more than if you ate it every day.

Gradually, proper nutrition will become a habit.

Connect sport

As if laziness has not overcome the body, without sports it will not turn out to find a slender, tight figure.

Sport and nutrition should go in a complex. Otherwise, losing weight, get a flabby saggy body.

Buy a subscription to some favorite room and do it three times a week.

Shy, have no time or opportunity to attend the hall, train at home. Perform a set of exercises with increasing load or video training.

If you are very busy and do not have any free time, make sure you get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to do exercises or an intensive five-minute workout.

Remember that fast weight loss will not make your forms attractive. The way to a shapely beautiful figure is long, but effective.
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