Psychosomatics in children

Now it is very fashionable to explain the appearance of many diseases by psychosomatic disorders. But, despite the popular expression that all diseases are from nerves, doctors are not so categorical. Consider what psychosomatics is, and how such diseases are treated.

The causes of the appearance of psychosomatic diseases

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that not all diseases are psychosomatic, there are many other reasons. Doctors believe that classic diseases that can be classified as psychosomatic are allergies, atherosclerosis, stomach ulcers, hypertension, gastritis, bronchial asthma, joint and gastrointestinal diseases. And when these diseases occur, tablets should also be taken, but it is advisable to understand if they are not related to pimichosomatics.

The main causes of the appearance of psychosomatic diseases:
  1. Prohibition of emotions. In many families it is customary to "keep a face", that is, not to show one's feelings. Most often, children are prohibited from experiencing negative emotions: fear, aggression, and some even think that you should not get upset and sad. One or two such prohibitions will not change the situation, but if you constantly restrain your emotions, the disease can develop. Therefore, it is important to teach the child to adequately express emotions.
  2. Disease - as a result of the prohibition of emotions. If parents regularly prohibit a child from expressing his emotions, then his contact with himself is broken. The man forbade himself to feel, but the body does not agree, so he tries to draw attention to himself with all his might. The easiest way is to get sick.
  3. Disease is a way of attracting attention. It is when the baby falls ill that the parents begin to take special care of him. And so the child is strengthened by the relationship - if I want to see a good attitude to myself other people, you need to get sick.
  4. Anxiety. If the child is constantly tormented by anxiety, it takes a lot of energy. To somehow get rid of this load, the body tries to transform it into something else, for example, a physical illness.

How to treat psychosomatic illnesses

Now, if you type the word "psychosomatics", you can stumble across the various tables of Liz Bourbo or Louise Hay, which explains in detail why this or that disease has appeared and how to cure it. You can read these tables, but do not take them too seriously, because psychology is too complicated and simple self-hypnosis is indispensable here. This applies, first of all, to complex diseases, such as oncology. Refusing the traditional treatment, you can significantly worsen the situation, and then the person will be too late to save. Psychosomatic diseases should be treated by a psychologist or psychotherapist, but necessarily a person specializing in this disease. If such problems concern children, it is necessary to understand your relationship to your father and mother. Constant conflicts, unconscious annoyance to the child lead to the fact that he is in a psychoemotional state, which sooner or later will grow into a disease. Psychosomatic diseases are associated with our emotions, so traditional treatment will be useless. If you can not cure allergies or gastritis, you should think about applying to a psychologist.
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