Unusual styles of women's clothing: boho, glam-rock and grunge

Today on the fashion podiums there is a huge variety of styles - unique and absolutely different from each other. The greatest popularity among women of fashion who want to stand out from the crowd, have acquired styles of boho, glam-rock and grunge.

Features of Bohho style in women's fashion

Creative and creative people will fit clothes in the style of a boho. This style came from Bohemia, was inherent to roving artists and nomadic gypsies, is multilayered, straight or free cut, lack of darts in the waist (slenderness and curves of the figure are usually emphasized with a wide belt).

Boho style is freedom of choice and movement

The uniqueness of this style is that you can trust your imagination and combine completely different clothes, giving the image a uniqueness. So, for example, the famous model of Kate Moss, which returned the popularity of Boho, combined clothes with ethnic ornaments with a sporting style.

Clothing in the style of bokho is customarily decorated with hand embroidered, dense lace, numerous draperies, ruffles, flounces and folds. Fabrics are used natural, most often flax and cotton, but necessarily textured. Due to such simple receptions, clothes become exceptionally beautiful and unique, emphasizing the bohemian style.

How to dress in the style of glam rock

Glam-rock is no less popular style. It will be an excellent choice for girls who prefer a rock image, but who want to emphasize their sexuality. The main attributes are: a leather jacket, black stockings or pantyhose, fitting short dresses and mini skirts, T-shirts or tunics with defiant inscriptions. The glam image is supplemented by massive boots (such as Dr. Martens and Grinders) or leather boots, which will add to the girl's audacity and sexuality.

Glam rock combines boldness and sexuality. Only a brave and self-confident girl will decide on such a screaming image

Also, the clothing is riddled with studs, rivets, Swarovski crystals. The basic color scale is black, white, gray, red, shades of pink, silver and gold. As accessories, studded wristlets, scarves and gothic bandana with skulls and images of wild animals are used. As for glam make-up, it combines "smokey ice", scarlet lipstick and perfectly matt skin; Hair should either be gathered in a ponytail, or laid in careless curls.

What is the grunge style in women's clothing

For the opponents of glamor and chic, a rebel style of grunge will suit the clothes. One of its ancestors is the group "Nirvana", which became popular in the 90's thanks to songs in the underground style.

Grunge style - minimum of accessories: rings, bracelets with rock symbolics or unusual sunglasses

Wardrobe in this style includes clothes made from coarse, artificially aged fabrics, with uneven seams, patches and holes. The grunge image is also called the "Second-hand" style. He is full of stretched T-shirts, worn and torn jeans, baggy parks, aged sweaters and faded sneakers. Clothes should be comfortable, eclectic, high-quality, but at the same time careless, it seems to protest modern fashion trends and society - this is the main rule of the grunge style.

As shoes, shoes or sneakers, military boots are perfect. Accessories should not be much, as a rule, these are rings or bracelets with rock symbolism, massive bags or unusual sunglasses. As for makeup, it can either be absent altogether, or should be performed in dark colors with an emphasis on the eyes or lips.

To create a basic grunge wardrobe, you will need: checkered shirt, voluminous stretched sweater, worn or torn jeans, for example, "boyfriends", a leather jacket with a worn effect, massive shoes or high-heeled shoes, you can also wear a loose dress of faded tones.

It is worth noting that there are many more styles that meet the tastes and needs of each of us, you only need to find your own, to create a unique and unique image.
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