Sacrament of Wedding

Dance of shadows in the flicker of candles and chorus singing and two hand in hand before the holy father, before the images. The rite of blessing the marriage by the church is a serious step for loving hearts. The sacrament of the wedding is being performed.

From the community to the registry office

One of the seven important sacraments of the Russian Orthodox Church is the wedding. It was born in the 4th century AD. And it all began with the fact that in the old days lovers announced their desire to be a family at a meeting of the church community.

Over the years, this procedure has acquired many compulsory customs, such as communion and confession before the sacrament, which could only be carried out by the parish priest of a future husband or wife. Only after receiving the blessing of the church - the marriage was considered legitimate.

At present, the wedding has become very popular among honeymooners. Legal in our country is marriage, concluded in the city registry office, so why are the newlyweds so eager for a wedding ceremony? Perhaps it's a tribute to fashion, but maybe for someone, the wedding is more than just a beautiful and touching ceremony.

If young people want to receive a blessing for marriage from the church, then it is necessary to familiarize themselves with certain mandatory conditions. The most important of them are:
  • Wedding ceremony is held only after marriage in the registry office.
  • The Church does not allow divorces and re-weddings.
  • Marriages among relatives are forbidden.
  • The bride and groom must pass the sacrament of baptism.

On the eve of the wedding

With a pure heart and good intentions.

You need to come prepared for the wedding. It's not enough to register a marriage and pay money to the cashier. Preparation for the wedding implies, first, the sacrament of communion of the Holy Mysteries, and secondly, confession. Only after that the priest can give his consent to the wedding. And maybe not give. Yes, and this happens, for example, if the couple do not live together or the father thinks that the young couple is not yet ready for such a step.

In addition to the ritual, you need to prepare things such as wedding candles, a white towel and icons. Usually the groom's parents bring to the church, and later, they give the icon to the young, the image of the Savior, and the parents of the bride - the icon of the Mother of God. The mood of the newlyweds is not unimportant. On the eve of the ritual, they can not eat, drink, drink alcohol and smoke, and also should abstain the night before the wedding and from intimacy.

From personal experience

Family is a single whole

From personal experience I can say that there are some little things that are remembered at the last moment.

To begin with, it is better for the bride to wear comfortable shoes, since the wedding is not a quick thing, which means that you will have to stand for several hours. In addition, the bride must necessarily have a headdress, and cosmetics and jewelry in the least amount. The same applies to other women.

It is important that the bride and groom have their own crosses. And do not forget - you will need witnesses who will keep the crowns. By the way, both witnesses must also be baptized, just like the newlyweds.

Since we all love to revise photos from memorable dates, it's worth discussing the question of shooting in advance, so that there is no conflict, because not all churches are allowed to take photographs.

Take care of the date of the event in advance. There are days and even weeks when the church does not hold weddings. The rite is not performed on the eve of Wednesday, Friday and Sunday throughout the year, during fasts and holidays.

Wedding ceremony, like any other service - paid. On average, young people will have to pay from 2000 rubles. We also need wedding candles, their cost is from 20 rubles, and a certificate, in which the names of the young and the father who crowned them will be inscribed. Such a certificate will cost you 100-150 rubles.

To conclude a marriage is to take a serious step in life, and to marry in the church before God is a step even more important. The Church does not recognize divorce, the wedding implies the complete unity of the souls of the newlyweds. So you should think three times and decide for yourself whether you are ready for such a responsibility or is it just a tribute to fashion?
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