A successful make-up for the photo: How to do?

Photos are treacherous. If you notice skin pallor on the selfie, bruises under the eyes or greasy sheen, do not rush to resort to filters and special programs to eliminate imperfections. This correction in most cases is noticeable. However, if you carefully think up makeup before shooting, problems can be avoided.

What is the difference?

If in everyday images you prefer a neutral, barely visible make-up, you will need to change your habits for photos. The fact is that in the pictures the face will look paler. It makes sense to give preference to saturated shades (within the reasonable!). In order not to lose naturalness, it is important not to overdo it with the amount of cosmetic products. Makeup artists do not accidentally invariably choose beauty products with a matte texture. Decorative cosmetics with reflective particles do not always look good on the photo.


The most important stage of creating makeup, which successfully emphasizes the appearance of the girl at the photo session - is the creation of an ideal tone. All imperfections should be hidden, fat shine should not have the slightest chance of appearing on your pictures. Hide mimic wrinkles helps the primer, disguise redness, pimples and bruises under the eyes allows concealer. When applying the tonal basis, do not forget about the neck and décolleté zone (if you have an open attire). It is recommended to use transparent powder as the makeup fixative.


What makes a person the most expressive? That's right, the eyebrows! Their form affects how people are perceived by others. But do not rush, drawing a thick eyebrows in the style of Kara Delevin. This form is not all girls. In order not to lose naturalness, use the ombre effect. The emphasis is to be made on the bend of the eyebrow, and at the base and tip it is only necessary to slightly enhance the natural shade with a special pencil or fondant. If you want the hairs to lie as accurately as possible, fix them with gel.


A win-win option is a brown eye shadow. They allow you to emphasize the look, without creating a fatigue effect. In this case, pearlescent and shimmery shades should be used with great care. On amateur photographs, they often create glare in the eye area. A similar warning applies to glitter in make-up. Despite the increased popularity of color carcass in recent years, the classic black tint in the photos looks more impressive.


Do not use lip gloss if you plan to take a picture. There is a great chance that glare will appear on your lips from the camera flash. Lipsticks with matte and satin finishes are guaranteed not to create such problems. When choosing shades, be careful - successfully beat the contrast of pale skin and a dark shade of lipstick can be quite difficult. Therefore, preference should be given to the color scheme, which most closely corresponds to your color appearance. Adjust the shape and select the outline using a pencil of the same shade as the lipstick.


It has long been noted that the camera "eats" a fair amount of makeup. To a person does not look flat, he can be given sculpture by using a pallet for contouring. In everyday make-up, such beauty products are not always appropriate, but with careful feathering, the light and shadow correction of the face fully justifies itself in the photo. This is an excellent opportunity to visually adjust the shape of the face, if something does not suit you in your own appearance.

Recommendations for choosing cosmetics

  1. Choosing a tonal basis, which you will use in makeup for a photo, look for a mark of HD. This abbreviation stands for High Defenition, which in literal translation from English means "increased clarity." The idea was borrowed by manufacturers of cosmetics from the video equipment industry. It is assumed that such tonal tools do not create a mask effect on the photos and look as natural as possible, while possessing a good enough covering ability.
  2. Arrows can enhance the expressiveness of the eyes. But if for some reason you do not plan to use them in the image, emphasize the line of eyelash growth with a black pencil. Do not go beyond the outer corner of the eye.
  3. If you know in advance about the date of the photo session, try not to eat salty dishes on the eve and drink plenty of water for the night. Otherwise to hide puffiness, it is necessary to use additional cosmetic means.
  4. In advance, "test" all the decorative cosmetics that you plan to use. In the photos, the contrast of the shades will be more evident than in real life. Cosmetics will be about 2 shades lighter. With the expectation of this feature, you should choose shades for contouring and tonal means for make-up.
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