Female diseases and methods of their prevention

The modern rhythm of life is arranged in such a way that a woman must constantly have the strength and move. Psychological and physical stress have long become regular companions of the weaker sex. Frequent hormonal failures and stress can lead to a number of female diseases, which brings a lot of troubles. However, diseases can be prevented. To do this, it is necessary to observe simple preventive measures and learn to be sensitive to your own body.

What diseases are most common in women?

The female's sexual system is a complex set of organs that constantly perform many processes. The disease can develop and those who constantly monitors their health. Female diseases are a serious threat to the entire body. You can not delay the treatment. Because of disruptions in the sexual system, hormonal bursts occur, which lead to the development of pathologies and other organs. The most common female diseases include:
  • Condiosis. Fungal disease, which brings a lot of inconvenience and non-compliance with the treatment goes into a chronic form. Symptoms of the disease are discharge, itching, burning and a feeling of discomfort in the vagina.
  • Polyps. Pathological proliferation of cells of the mucous membrane. It leads to the formation of growths, which require immediate removal.
  • Cervical erosion. Violation of the integrity of the mucous membranes of the cervix. The formation of microcracks and other more serious ulcers. It is treated only by cauterization. Drug therapy, as a rule, does not give results.
  • Mastopathy. Inflammation of the milk ducts, which entails the development of complications. Refers to fibrous diseases.
  • Cancer diseases. Formation of tumors in female organs. It is believed that cancer affects men more often. However, oncology of the genital organs occurs in women 10% more often.
  • HPV (human papilloma virus) affects both men and women. However, strains of the virus with a high level of oncogeneity are more common on the female genitalia. Treat papillomas and condylomas immediately after their detection, because they can grow into malignant tumors. The disease is asymptomatic. Therefore, for early detection it is necessary to visit a gynecologist on time.
The female reproductive system is also susceptible to infections and inflammations. There are such pathologies in consequence of bacterial imbalance and neglect of hygiene measures. To exclude their development, it is important to follow preventive measures and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Methods of prevention of female diseases

All diseases of the female reproductive system are difficult to treat. The main task of a woman is to act ahead of time and take care of her health in advance. Sexual health directly affects the appearance of the skin and hair beauties.

Medical centers of female health allocate 10 basic preventive measures, which are easy to observe in everyday life. These include:
  1. Personal hygiene. In any situation, a woman should remember and respect personal hygiene. To wash it is necessary in a direction from a vagina to an anus. In time, the underwear should change. Measures should be strengthened in the period of respiratory diseases and menstruation.
  2. Accuracy during menstruation. It is necessary to refrain from sexual contact and swimming in open water. If possible, replace the bath with a shower.
  3. Timely treatment. At the first detection of signs of the disease you need to urgently consult a doctor and begin the necessary treatment.
  4. Use of barrier contraceptives. Condoms can help prevent infection and protect women from more serious diseases.
  5. Routine examinations at a female doctor. Preventive visits to a gynecologist help to detect many diseases at the stage of initial development. At this time, the therapy successfully more than a chance.
  6. Self examination of the mammary glands. Today the network presents a lot of video-manuals about the correct conduct of self-examination. At the first suspicions on infringement it is necessary to address to mammologu.
  7. Conducting a planned ultrasound. Ultrasound diagnosis is one of the most accurate methods of investigation. For women's health it is important to periodically check the condition of the uterus and mammary glands.
  8. Proper nutrition. For women's health, the use of yeast, sweet, fatty and heavy foods is highly undesirable. The food should be balanced and contain all the useful microelements.
  9. Proper treatment of existing problems. If there is a history of female diseases, it is necessary to carry out treatment, following strictly all the doctor's recommendations. You can not prescribe drugs yourself or do not follow all the measures recommended by a specialist.
  10. A constant sexual life. During sex, more blood enters the female genitalia, which feeds the organs with oxygen. The blood circulation becomes worse. The whole process has a beneficial effect on the female body and beauty.
In addition to the basic rules of hygiene, you need to remember about physical activity. It is useful to carry out exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina. Another important condition for women's health is self-love and a good mood!
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