Eau de toilette by the sign of the zodiac

Each element of the sign of the zodiac has its own peculiarity and temperament. Some parties are worth emphasizing, while others smooth out. A fragrance, as astrologers say, is directly related to the mood of a person.

Signs of air

Twins. Being the most inquisitive and sociable sign of the zodiac, Gemini carries an innate lightness and charm. These qualities always attract the interlocutor, giving the representative of the sign the opportunity is in the center of attention. Natural charisma and coquetry can be emphasized by such notes as lily, yellow daffodil, jasmine, iris, hyacinth, violet or rose. A beautiful and active Gemini will necessarily deceive the fragrance of the lily of the valley. This smell works well for the activist psychologically. Sometimes Gemini does not put a temper and calm down. Therefore, for meetings and working hours, a bouquet of perfume can be diluted with fresh herbs and spices.

For evening perfume, floral fragrances can be emphasized by fennel, thyme or rosemary. The aromas for work and walks during the day should include more fresh notes of melon or watermelon.

Libra. It is possible to emphasize the friendliness, purposefulness and balance of the scales with the help of strong pronounced aromas. These people like to be in the company, but they need smells to encourage self-esteem. To create an ideal image, such signs of the zodiac are suitable: bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, and also smells of exotic fruits. Strengthen and diversify the bouquet can tobacco notes, incense and lemon. Toilet water for scales can be referred to as a sweet type.

For all purposefulness Libra is warm and good-natured people. At a young age it is better to choose the smells of fruits and berries. For this sign, a classic version of the rose is at the heart of the fragrance. In addition to roses floral notes can be composed of lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, violet or freesia. The whole bouquet can be complemented with oak moss, ginger, cardamom, musk or amber.

Signs of water

Fish. For representatives of such a sensitive and sensual sign it is better to replace the habitual feminine floral scents. Pisces and enough femininity and subtlety. For this watermark, it is better to prefer such a basis of spirits as sandalwood, musk, amber or moss. Use to emphasize the flavor can be vanilla, plum, mango, wisteria, peppermint or lily. Dilute for freshness the entire composition can be notes of citrus, green grapes or green tea.

Eau de toilette for the sign of the fish should be dense and encourage decisiveness. To give strength and sense of security, you need the aromas of thyme, pear or raspberry.

Cancer. Representatives of this sign do not like noisy companies and spend most of their free time at home. They are responsible and good-natured. More often the Cancer is guided by emotions, than common sense. The fragrance for them should be warm and as if enveloping them with comfort. An improvised house around this person can be created with the help of the smell of honey, acacia, juniper, jasmine, myrrh, mandarin, lily, white narcissus or Mongolia. The bouquet can be complemented with a sea scent of sandalwood. This will give Raku resolve.

Aquarius. Like all representatives of the water element, perfume with a sandalwood base will suit the water. Supplement the fragrance for a decisive and freedom-loving Aquarius with marzipan, chocolate or caramel. Edible notes emphasize the sexuality of the sign. You can supplement the aroma with lemon, ginger, spices and floral aromas of violet and peony.

For those Aquarius who like to experiment, such odors as patchouli, nutmeg, cucumber and sage will suit.

Scorpio. For a secretive and dramatic scorpion, deep oriental fragrances that seem to sway around the mysterious sign of the zodiac approach. The intensity of the scorpion will help to smooth the aromas of vanilla or fresh smells of green tea.

To complement the nature of the scorpion, which is fraught with passion and ambiguity, the cold notes of almonds, amber, cedar, sandalwood, pine and musk will suit. The fragrance for this sign should be deep and leave a trail behind it.

Signs of the Earth

Capricorn. The sign is a clearly expressed representative of the elements of the Earth. With all their persistence and persistence, they prefer bitter smells with musky and woody flavors. Sometimes these compositions can be supplemented by slight smells of color.

Playful fragrances do not fit the sign. In the image of Capricorn, everything should emphasize solidity and firmness. Ideal are such notes as sage, eucalyptus, cypress, sandalwood, amber, bergamot, orange or neroli flowers. For ease of the composition can include camellia, blueberry, jasmine, herbs and fresh sea notes.

Taurus. A balanced and resourceful sign of the zodiac, which rarely acts on emotions. The aroma used by Taurus should emphasize their romanticism and sensuality. Perfume with such ingredients as tea, bergamot, ylang-ylang, vanilla and cinnamon will do. The whole composition should be related to sweet smells and to be sufficiently deep and dense. Floral notes that dilute heaviness and sweetness can consist of jasmine, lilac, rose and patchouli. To enhance temperament and speed, you can use the smell of moss.

For young representatives of this sign, the horoscope recommends using citrus notes, a peach and a rose.

Virgo. This sign of the Zodiac is very organized and loves to pay attention to details. In perfume for the Virgin, everything should be perfect. The spirits for them must be rich and play with bright heart and trail flashes. They will be pleased with compositions that include grapefruit, cypress, sandalwood, nutmeg, cayaput, juniper. Floral notes can be from a lily, pink jasmine, freesia or orchid. Also, Virgins prefer the woody and laurel aroma. Flirting and erotic smells do not suit them.

Signs of Fire

Aries. Representatives of this sign are absolute leaders. They are quick and purposeful. Usually they prefer sharp and deep aromas that are remembered. The whole composition of smells should emphasize their propensity for extreme and determination. Suitable fragrances such as red rose, cloves, sandalwood, white pepper, ginger, nutmeg, juniper, rose and bergamot.

For balance and softness, perfume can additionally include notes of vanilla, rosemary and tart wood. Aries prefer spirits, which envelop them with a dense halo and create a whole image.

Sagittarius. The spirits for this sign should emphasize their optimism and cheerfulness. Sagittarius is always the soul of the company, which is always in the spotlight. This sign is suitable fresh scents of the forest after the rain and sea exotic aromas with tart notes. For Streltsy perfume with aromas of musk, peony, lily, anise, bergamot, tea tree and lotus is suitable.

At a young age Sagittarius will be approached by the same exotic smells, only with a more aggressive manifestation. Cold notes of almonds and marjoram can be used.

A lion. The sign of the zodiac, which is most reverent for its image. Lions are sensual and like to like others. However, they do not inherently flirt. They are excellent family men and appreciate only their partner. Their perfume should include such smells as a Turkish rose, cloves, jasmine, orange, amber and coconut. Add all the smell of vanilla and peach. A special note will be made by juniper, ylang-ylang, mimosa and rosemary.

The main characteristics of the toilet water for the Lion is sweetness and flower saturation. At the same time, the perfume should not be too heavy.

To rely on the Horoscope when choosing a fragrance is completely not worth it. Everyone is unique and has his own tastes. It is better to rely on one's own preferences. However, when choosing perfume as a gift, such recommendations may come in handy.
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