How to decorate a room for a child's birthday?

Cake, candles, friends with gifts and an understanding of what has become one year older are the true signs of a joyful, and for someone a slightly sad holiday - the Birthday. On the eve of the date, it is necessary not to forget to decorate the room of the originator of the celebration. And what if this culprit is a child?

Preschool age

The child just flew out from under my mother's care and is already confidently striding into the kindergarten. But on the calendar, X is coming closer and closer - the baby will soon become a birthday boy. How to decorate his room so that the child is delighted?

For this purpose, you can use the following methods:
  • numerous balls;
  • toys in all their manifestations;
  • colorful posters;
  • cake with a character from your favorite cartoon;
  • volume figures depicting the age of the baby.

Abundance of toys

The more toys - the more fun. When choosing such things it is necessary to take into account the age of the baby, his gender and taste preferences.

Teddy bear is a favorite toy for many babies

Universal board - decor with large soft toys. For example, it can be large teddy bears. They will be appropriate both in the rooms of boys and girls.


It is better to fill them with gel. Those who want to soar into the sky balls will cause wild delight from a small audience.

Balls - the best decoration of a children's holiday

If you have the talent of making animal figures or flowers from long balls, now is the time to use this skill.

School age

Children gradually cease to believe in fairy tales, but they have other hobbies - music, cinema, sports. And this should be used when decorating the room of the birthday man.

If the person's passion for space-themed, it would not be superfluous to decorate a room in a similar style. This is just an example, but it can be safely projected onto any hobby.
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