Rules for keeping cats

A cat is a pet that requires special conditions of detention. It is necessary to adhere to certain unwritten rules, so that the fluffy pet grows healthy and beautiful for the joy of its masters.

Sterilization or castration?

A representative of the fair sex of the detachment of felines settled in the house. It is necessary to immediately decide whether you are planning to become an animal breeder or wish to acquire just a good kind friend who will become an integral member of the family.

If the option with kittens is not yours, it's time to think and carefully plan the sterilization of the animal. It is better to perform the operation before the onset of the first heat. Tentatively it is 6-7 months old.
When sterilization, only the tubes are removed, and the uterus remains. Castration involves the removal of all genital organs.
Before the procedure, it is necessary to observe certain conditions:
  • all necessary vaccinations must be made (the main thing is vaccination against rabies);
  • the cat must be treated from intestinal parasites;
  • the animal must be treated against fleas.

The presence of a cat makes the house much more comfortable

Do I need to get vaccinated?

There is an opinion: animals that are constantly in the apartment do not need to be vaccinated. Is such a statement true? Unfortunately no. The owners always bring from the street various infections along with shoes and outer clothing.

Often, pets take with them to the country. In this case, vaccinations are a necessity that can not be neglected.

The first inoculation is done at the age of 3, 5 months. Before this, it is necessary to conduct deworming and carefully process the kitten from fleas and other parasites. The animal must be completely healthy before vaccination.
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