The best films about space

The history of world cinema has many films about space. Which of them deserve special attention? It's about movies, one of the acting characters of which was the great and mighty Cosmos.


A film about the heroes who risked their lives to save humanity. A meteorite is approaching the Earth. The planet and the whole of mankind can perish. But there is a team of volunteers who agree to fly to the approaching meteor and blow it from the inside.

There is everything here - love, real friendship, heroic deed and heroic deed. The film will not leave anyone indifferent.

Change the Cosmos in each of us

The children in the universe

Creation of Soviet cinema. The main characters here are teenagers, schoolchildren. Risking their whole lives in flight, they go to the unknown ends of the universe to help a civilization that calls for help.

Young people have already acquired a specialty. They have a captain, a doctor and other specialists on board.

Einstein's theory of relativity is interesting and unusual. In a spaceship moving with supersonic speed, time flows differently than on their native Earth. The house is 30-40 years old, and in flight for the time of jumping through space and time - only 5-10 minutes. It's amazing.

There is a question: how can extraterrestrial civilizations look like? Do they have to be humanoid?


A striking film that excites the imagination with its spectacularity. In fact, the picture is an artistic representation of the scientific theories of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Moleholes are corridors that help people to jump through space. The opportunity to get to another edge of the universe. External image of a black hole. What does she really look like? The latest achievements of advanced scientific thought, which have become a reality on film.

The question of the materiality of such a concept as time is raised. Is it possible that the past, the present and the future exist simultaneously? Is it possible that time is the same dimension as height, width and so on?

The universe is beautiful in its diversity


The land becomes uninhabitable, for cultivation on its open spaces of various cultures. Constant dust storms lead to pathological diseases of the respiratory system. In such conditions, life on the planet becomes difficult. History is distorted. Professional engineers, mathematicians and representatives of other technical professions are not needed by anyone.

It shows the fate of a professional pilot, who became one of the saviors of mankind. He joined a team of astronauts who are looking for a new home for the earth.

star Wars

How can you recall the films about space and not to mention "Star Wars"? It's just unthinkable. The film unfolds on various planets of the vast universe. Dozens of different civilizations are shown.

The main storyline is the confrontation between the Jedi and the Sith. The two sides of power are Good and Evil. But is there anything absolute?
There are always two of them - a teacher and a student.
This is an axiom that regulates the balance throughout the entire film.

What will surely be in this movie? Types of different planets. Opposition in outer space. Numerous battles on lightsabers. The history of sincere love. Friendship.

"Star Wars" is a film in which the thought is presented: "No matter how diverse the Universe is, freedom and a real friendship will always be appreciated in it."
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