How can I wait for love? 5 mistakes in dreams of marriage

Each girl dreams of a happy marriage, a strong family and sincere love. But the years go by, and women's happiness does not come.

Why is it so difficult to meet your man and clever women, and beauties, and those ladies who cook wonderfully?

Because most women in the expectation of love lead an incorrect lifestyle and are not morally ready for a serious relationship.

Taking care of yourself, buying fashionable clothes and attending men's activities is not enough.

Learn to attract true love, prepare in advance for family life and do not make fatal mistakes in the dreams of marriage. Which ones specifically? We will tell in this article.

Error 1 - Uncertainty in the concept of "family"

Answer yourself 3 questions.
  1. What is the purpose of the family?
  2. Do I want to start a family?
  3. Am I ready to go to the end for the sake of the family?
If there are no answers, then dreams are imagination. Uncertainty in desires takes away energy.

In her dreams of marriage, the girl often leads a wild life, flirts with everyone she meets, avoids serious conversations and is not ready to sacrifice personal comfort.

Men who are aimed at marriage are interested in women with specific goals and moral principles.

If you seek sincere love, change your way of life and determine what you want, and then act. Do not let the hormone adrenaline become a criterion of happiness.

Mistake 2 - The wrong man

Often young ladies want to get married, fall in love, but the chosen one leaves for another girl. It is difficult to survive. The forces, time, energy are wasted.

Before you become attached to the object of adoration, decide whether you are a man or not.

If only you call on a young man's date - this is a disturbing signal. Turn the mind and stop. A man in friendship is not interested.

Communicate with those young people who are attracted to you, looking for meetings, ready to help, caring and supporting in difficult situations.

Loving bad men today is fashionable, but stupid. Feelings are easy to manage, you only have to want.

Error 3 - Consumer attitude

If you want happiness in marriage, know that family life is a hard work. There are a lot of new duties, worries and difficulties.

Do not expect that there will be a husband who will wash and prepare, and put the house in order. Yes, such specimens are found, but rarely.

Understand yourself and prepare to become an exemplary mistress and guardian of the home. A man will appreciate it.

Do not be consumers, learn to give. Remember that if you do not invest your time and energy in a family, then you can not get attention and love.

Mistake 4 - Fake images

Dream of a loving and caring husband, but cherish false ideas about the family? It's so hard to see the reality.

Glamorous magazines and trendy television programs dictate the following images of happiness: strong shoulders, loving kisses under the moon and heartbreaking meetings on the coast ...

Close people often catch cold, do not shave, sad and tired. Our halves are aging, forget about the main events, but remain faithful and beloved. In this happiness.

Mistake 5 - Despondency and inaction

When you wait for true love, to be sad and lazy to act, the wrong ways. This is tantamount to jumping from a height without a parachute. After all, you will break!

Despondency is sweet because you can not do anything. But it is necessary to act. Otherwise it's easy to stay miserable and crushed.

First, humble yourself and calm down. Do not rend your soul if you are not yet lucky in love. Men shy away from worried women. Love will come when you need to. Be able to wait.

In the meantime, take care of yourself. Read books, attend training sessions, sign up for the gym, find a hobby and go to the salon. Be constantly busy, and then the sadness of time will not remain. And your man is already on the road.

Soon you will meet and have a happy marriage!
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