Use of rice in home make-up

Rice is one of the most popular products in home care procedures. Some women effectively use rice for weight loss and achieve considerable results. Due to the rich content of useful microelements and vitamins, rice helps to get rid of skin problems and treats hair.

Useful composition

Cereal rice cereals are used in nutrition almost throughout the entire territory of our planet. This product is recommended by dieticians and it rarely has contraindications to eating. Nutritious rice is included in many dishes, thanks to its pleasant taste and is well suited for everyday dishes. Important in the use of rice is the increased fiber content. It helps to rid the body of toxins and harmful microelements. Thanks to fiber, the metabolism in the body is normalized, so it is recommended during the diet. The composition of rice also includes such useful microelements as:
  • Vitamins of the PP group;
  • Vitamins of group B;
  • Magnesium;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Calcium;
  • Protein;
  • Potassium;
  • Vegetable fats;
  • Amino acids.
The rice is completely hypoallergenic. Thanks to this, it is suitable for all people. People can use it in descending procedures with seven types of skin and all age categories.

Rice for weight loss and body cleansing

In order to cleanse your body you can use any rice croup. However, the most useful is considered brown unpolished rice. White polished version of the product is considered the least valuable. However, it retains a number of useful trace elements.

To lose weight with rice, it must be eaten instead of the usual side dish. With it, you need to eat foods that are low in calories. Rice for weight loss is prepared in a special way. A glass of washed cereal is poured with boiling water and left to be misted for the night. In the morning porridge is only heated before consumption. About 650 grams of ready-made food comes out of a glass of rice cereal. This amount is the norm for a daily diet on a diet.

To cleanse the digestive system with rice and get rid of extra pounds. it is enough to stick to a rice diet for about 3-4 days. Carry out this cleaning twice a year.

Rice in home beauty recipes

The appearance of Oriental women has always been distinguished by the perfection of the skin and its even color. One of the secrets of the care procedures is the use of rice water for nutrition and skin treatment.

Rice nourishes the skin and deeply moisturizes them. In its composition are vitamins and antioxidants, allowing to prolong youth. Rice washing allows you to get rid of the effects of ultraviolet radiation and remove melanin from the covers. That allows you to get rid of pigmentation. Daily use of rice water makes the skin radiant, smooth and healthy.

In order to prepare rice water, pour ¼ cup of rice with 1 glass of water. The elixir is ready in two hours. During this time it should be stirred occasionally. Keep this tonic is not necessarily in the refrigerator. Fermentation only enhances its effectiveness and action.

The maximum benefit can be obtained if you put rice in water in a warm place for two days. The process of fermentation increases the amount of useful trace elements. After two days it is necessary to drain the water and boil it. This will stop the fermentation and continue to use the elixir for a longer time.

Infusion of rice can be used as a tonic for the face. Some beauties recommend freezing it in ice molds and wiping the face with a dice in the morning. This procedure is very effective, but it is contraindicated in case of dilated capillaries on the face.

In the rice elixir of youth, you can add various natural and essential oils. This will allow to strengthen the effect of the tonic and give it a more pleasant aroma.

From the remaining grains of rice you can cook rice flour. To do this, they must be dried and grinded in a coffee grinder. This flour is ideal for cooking house masks. Mix it, as a rule, with sour cream or whipped egg whites. If you add ground coffee to the mixture, you can get a good scrub.

The mask of rice flour helps to smooth the complexion and nourishes the skin well. Rice masks and face wipes help to speed up the regeneration of tissues and have a visible rejuvenating effect in a short time. Using the secrets of Eastern women, you can effectively and inexpensively keep your youth and skin beauty. Adding new ingredients to the mask and rice water can be an ideal choice for home care procedures.
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