Family tourism: at sea with a child

Finally came the long-awaited time for vacations, when every living soul strives to escape from the stuffy metropolis to the seaside. Warmer climes. . . It is there that you rest your soul and body. But here's the ill luck: you need to carefully plan the future journey, because one of the fellow travelers is a small child. What are the special features of recreation with children?

Swimming accessories

Children younger than 2-5 years old rarely can swim. In this situation, an inflatable swimming vest will become the most useful assistant on the beach. And parents are calmer, and the child does not worry. Waves at sea are often unpredictable. It is necessary to provide all options.

At an older age, you can do with an inflatable ring or armlets. For young lovers dive it will be necessary to acquire diving glasses or a mask and snorkel.

Family tourism - a great holiday in the company of the most native

Protective cream

The sun near the sea coast does not spare anyone. Burn easily. Therefore, it is necessary to take with you in advance protective measures against excessive influence of ultraviolet radiation. Many manufacturers of sunscreens have taken care of the release of a special children's line.
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