What is the temperature you need to shoot down

We all faced ORZ or ARVI, in which temperature 38 is the norm, sometimes it rises to 39 or to 40. Often we think: "Soby's temperature until it rises" and start to take pills even if she is still not hazardous to health. While doctors do not advise it, until it exceeds the mark of 38.5.

Why you can not shoot down

Is it necessary to bring down the temperature? Often it seems to us that raising it is a dangerous symptom, if we get rid of it, the patient will get better. But this is only an appearance. Hyperemia is the body's reaction to infection. Inside gets a foreign agent, namely a bacterium, a virus or a fungus. The organism should protect itself, create conditions in which viruses or bacteria could not reproduce. If we knock down the temperature, we create the ideal conditions for infection for existence and reproduction. It promotes the production of interferon, there is a direct relationship between interferon and body temperature: the higher it is, the more interferon is produced. Interferon is a special protein that can bind and neutralize viruses. If for a while the fever keeps, then the SARS can pass in just three days. But if you knock it down immediately, as it has just begun to increase, you will be ill for at least 7 days, and you can also get complications

What temperature should I shoot down?

We found out that it is not necessary to drink antipyretic tablets at the beginning of the disease. Shoot down the temperature if it has become very high? Yes, shoot down. What is the temperature to shoot down? It is difficult to name exact figures, it depends on the patient's well-being. Someone is getting sick already at 38, someone does not feel bad at 39. Everything is very individual. The average figures are as follows: do not knock down an adult if he has risen to 39, and he does not have serious chronic illnesses. In children, the permissible temperature is 38 -38.5, if it does not rise above this mark, the medicine can not be given. But there are a number of exceptions, when it is better to knock it down right away:
  • the child is diagnosed with "epilepsy";
  • he already had seizures because of the high temperature, in which case it should not rise above 37.5;
  • people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • with lesions of the central nervous system;
  • with blood disease and other serious diagnoses.
Is it necessary to bring down the temperature to normal, that is, drink tablets until it reaches the level of 36.6 degrees? No, not necessarily, the main thing is that it was not too high, fell by 1.5 -2 degrees. Then the body will be easier to cope with the infection.

Danger of high temperature

Temperature 39 is not so dangerous, but if it rises to 40, it must be knocked down. Why?
  1. This is a huge burden on the heart, it is dangerous for people with cardiovascular diseases.
  2. It causes disruption in the work of the central nervous system and the brain.
  3. Dehydration of the body occurs, the natural course of the circulation is disturbed, the blood becomes viscous
The damage from very hyperemia is much greater than the benefit, so in this case it must be knocked down. High temperature is a protective reaction of the body to infection. It can not be brought down if it did not reach the critical mark (39 for adults, 38 for children), otherwise it will be more difficult for the body to cope with the disease. But, if it is above 39 degrees, it is desirable to take antipyretic, since the body does not tolerate hyperemia, serious complications can arise and even death is not excluded.
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