How to choose a bicycle for a child?

A bicycle is a transport that every child must have, regardless of his age. As soon as the kid has learned to walk and staunchly holds on to his two, he is already ready to manage it.

From one to three years

The first transport, which will be a good replacement for the wheelchair, is a tricycle with a handle to control the parents. Most often such a vehicle is equipped with leg supports, protection from the sun and rain.

Tricycle - the best transport for a baby

The main advantage is that when a certain age (2-3 years) is reached, the "pseudo-wheel" turns into a full three-wheeled bicycle with a light hand movement. Such a transport will allow the child to move around and ride, wherever and how much.

Three to six

Three to four years is the ideal age when a baby can and should buy a two-wheeled bicycle with supports - two additional small wheels.

Bicycle with supports for older children

Such transport contributes to the development of a sense of balance. It will become a smooth transition from a children's tricycle to an adult two-wheeled bike.

Six and older

Bicycling is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts

Did the child finally reach school age? It's time to buy a kid a two-wheeled bike that will give you real freedom of movement. Skating on the "great" in the yards is the best memory of the childhood of many adults. Why not bring some more fun into your childhood?
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