Preparing the child for kindergarten

On the nose is a kindergarten. Is the child still too small? And the parental heart shrinks at the thought that a little more - and yesterday's baby will fly out from under the mother's wing. How to prepare yourself and your baby for such a responsible step as a kindergarten? What should be ready for both?


Independence is the guarantee that the child will be able to adapt quickly

This is the first factor that indicates to attentive parents on the child's readiness for kindergarten. Self-sufficiency in this case consists of several components:
  • acquaintance with the pot;
  • food intake without assistance - master equipment with a spoon and fork;
  • skill or desire to change clothes.
A child may not be able to do all this. But he must have a burning desire to learn.

Behavior in the team

Friendship - a step towards social adaptation of the child

One of the determinants of the child's social development. Ability to behave in a large team of peers. Adapting to the educator and other pedagogical staff, which will have to deal for several years. All this is quite difficult for both parents and the child.

How will the kid make contact with the children? Will he find friends? Will he be in contact with anyone? The answers to these questions directly depend on how the parents prepare their child. Morale is very important.

The Basics of Morality

It has already been mentioned above that the child will certainly have to deal with adults - educators, nannies, speech therapists. Respectful attitude to such, the indispensable treatment of "You", the use in conversation with all polite words - all this will have a positive effect on the attitude towards the child.

Moral beliefs are the basis of good parenting

With all this, it is necessary to understand: the outer shell can be ideal, the main thing is what kind of child is inside, what kind of nature is his nature. Externally, an ideal, polite kid can conceal bad thoughts. And vice versa. No wonder they say: "In a quiet pool the devils are found."

Therefore, the most important thing for a child to learn is to be honest . Before you, in front of people. Sincerity is the guarantee of normal relationships at any age. No constraint. If a child feels anything or wants to do - he should not restrain himself. After all, this is how the complexes are formed. And this is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Parental anxiety

Loving parents are people who are hurt and unpleasant to let go of their child. To allow a completely stranger to contribute to the upbringing of the child - for many it is unthinkable. Immediately there is mistrust and nit-picking (more often unreasonable) to the pedagogue. Parents try to prove to themselves that they can better educate a child than professional educators from a children's institution.

Maternal love is the strongest

How to overcome this attitude? Get used to it. Time and objective facts will help to cope with the negative attitude. The main thing for a parent is not to go on about emotions, but to really evaluate what is happening. It is necessary to ask the child in detail every day:
  • what he learned;
  • with whom he was friends;
  • that he liked / did not.
Such dialogue should also be conducted with the teacher. This will help evaluate the person with whom the child has to deal daily.
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