What to choose wallpaper in the children's room

The child spends a lot of time in the children's room. Here he learns new and develops as a person. In the nursery, he experiences his emotions and thinks about something before he goes to sleep. With the help of wallpaper colors, you can create the right atmosphere for your baby. With the help of proper design it is possible to help him develop more harmoniously and more easily to bear experiences. Thinking about color and decorating elements, you need to remember about your child's health. Wallpaper must meet safety standards and be practical in use.

Material for making wallpapers

The most important in choosing wallpaper is their safety. The material for manufacturing must be environmentally friendly and completely harmless for long-term indoor use. For gluing in the children's room you can use this type of wallpaper, like:
  • Vinyl wallpaper consists of several layers. The top layer is a vinyl coating. The lower layer is a paper or non-woven base. For the period of use and preservation of the appearance of wallpaper affects the texture and quality of vinyl, which covers them. Solid vinyl is considered to be the most wear-resistant. The wallpaper is completely safe and allowed for use in the children's room;
  • Cork wallpaper is environmentally friendly and can be sold in the form of sheets and rolls. They keep the heat well and are considered soundproof. This indicator is an advantage for the children's room. The modern market offers cork wallpaper with a substrate made of non-woven or paper;
  • Liquid wallpaper is considered a kind of decorative plaster. They are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Such furnish from cellulose fiber and glue CMC is made. Liquid wallpaper in the children's room allows the walls to breathe and warn against the appearance of the greenhouse effect. The layer can be replaced partially during the repair process or the top layer is updated throughout the room;
  • Paper wallpapers are the oldest classic option. They have several drawbacks and are rarely used in modern repairs. However, the material is ecological and is used for decorating children's bedrooms and playrooms;
  • Flizelinovye wallpaper differ density and high durability. They are practical in everyday life and are completely safe to decorate their children's room. On the market of building materials you can find a completely non-woven wallpaper or a cover on a non-woven base. Both options are not afraid of water and will last long in the children's room;
The safety of the material and the glue used should be decisive factors when choosing wallpaper for children for boys and girls.
Important! For children with allergies or asthmatics, you need to choose wallpaper with a smooth texture. This will reduce the accumulation of dust in the room.
Choosing wallpaper should be guided by the age of the child and his preferences. Today there are wallpapers with the possibility of realizing the creative potential of the child. A crumb can paint on magnetic pads or even use some of the wallpaper as a canvas, which after is easily washed from the paints.

Color and print wallpaper in the children's room

Print and color gamut for wallpaper in the children's room has no limitations. The modern wallpaper market offers a lot of options for girls and boys of all ages. The room can be zoned using color. It is necessary to select it at the same time, very carefully. The place for sleep should be reassured, and the place for learning should be encouraged to discover and comprehend the new. Psychologists conducted a direct dependence of the child's psychological state with the color that surrounds it.

Red increases blood pressure. Contribute to the development of anxiety and nightmares.

Orange enhances appetite. Therefore, it is not recommended for children with weight problems. It is recommended to use orange in combination with other colors. Its overabundance can cause nausea and dizziness.

Green normalizes blood and eye pressure, and also increases visual acuity. Helps to focus and have a beneficial effect on the perception of new information. It is recommended for allocation of a child's work area to it.

Yellow has a beneficial effect on the child's body in all processes. It is considered the ideal color for the wallpaper for the children's room and can prevail in the interior. Contraindicated only for children with hyperexcitability. However, warmer variations of yellow and beige can be used. The sleeping place can be equipped in a soft yellow color with gold impregnations.

Blue is allowed to use in a certain amount. However, it should not prevail. Tits the color in the children's room relieves tension and soothes. In an overabundance can depress the nervous system of the child.

For the child's room is not suitable for saturated colors, but derived from them shades. Given the opinion of psychologists, it is also very important to rely on the child's preference.
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